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The Stuffing in the Moon Cake is the Tooth Killer

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, with big meals, barbecues and moon cakes, but according to previous data, the number of people going to the stomatology clinic soared after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Here’s a reminder of germs. If these mid autumn food is not noticed, it may cause tooth damage. In addition to tooth decay, it may even cause gingivitis, periodontal disease and so on. If bacteria enter the circulatory system of the body, it may cause endocarditis or stroke. Therefore, don’t forget to clean your teeth while enjoying the food.

According to the research of the American Dental Association (ADA), the following mid autumn delicacies all hide crises. For example, the filling in the moon cake is easy to stick to the teeth except for the high sugar content; the grapefruit that must be eaten belongs to the acid food, which is easy to cause the softening of the tooth enamel; the beverage or alcoholic beverage with barbecue or ice cream on the market is also one of the culprits, In addition to the high content of sugar leading to tooth decay, the added pigment will also cause the teeth to turn yellow and deep. Don’t make the teeth not only unhealthy but also beautiful after the Mid Autumn Festival.

It is recommended to clean the germs diligently after the Mid Autumn Festival meal. In addition to toothbrush, don’t forget to use floss to remove the food left in the teeth. In order to avoid the yellowing of the teeth caused by drinks and ice cream, remember to rinse the mouth with warm water immediately after drinking and eating, and take away some sugar and pigment on the surface. As for the pigment stuck in the dentin, the tooth should be used Tooth whitening products can be deeply cleaned, such as hydrogel, tooth whitening patches, whitening sticks, whitening pens and so on. But don’t forget to avoid products that will cause soft teeth when choosing, easy to make teeth become fragile and become sensitive teeth.

While enjoying the happy time of Mid Autumn Festival and family reunion, barbecue, peel grapefruit, eat moon cake, enjoy a big meal and enjoy the moon, please do not forget that the above-mentioned delicacies may become tooth killers, do a good job in tooth cleaning, so as to avoid a lot of illness after the festival!

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