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The Way to Use the Scaler and Precautions

With the improvement of living standards, people also have special care for their own teeth. Household dental scalers have entered ordinary families. I have just started one. How should I use the dental scaler? Please see below for you

Method / step

There are not many parts of the scaler. After we open the box, we must first plug in the power supply. The power socket is on the bottom of the scaler.

We prepare some warm water, which is about 40 degrees close to the body temperature, and pour it into the water tank of the scaler, below the tick mark on it.

we plug in the power plug

Take out the handle of the scaler, press and hold the small button on the side, install the spray head, release the button, and the spray head is installed. A set of scaler is equipped with three spray heads, each with different colors, which can adapt to several Members use.

This switch is the water switch of the scaler, let’s turn it off first

This is a pressure gauge. There are 1 to 10 gears with different pressures. At first, we started with the low gear. I chose the second gear.

Press the switch, the machine makes a sudden sound, turn on the switch on the handle, the scaler begins to spray pulses of water, we aim at our teeth gaps, gums, food residues are quickly washed out It is really 360-degree without dead corners. It is particularly refreshing and clean. After use, insert the brush handle in the upper slot, and unplug the power plug.

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