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The Baby has Oral Ulcers, The Cause is Not Only “Getting Up”, It Will be Troublesome If You Don’t Know

Netizen: My baby always doesn’t eat well some time ago. Every time he puts a nipple into his mouth, he will start crying. He is always very restless when sleeping at night, and he often wakes up crying. At first, we all thought that the baby was shocked by going out a few days ago, but after going to the hospital for an examination, we knew that the baby had oral ulcers. At that time, my husband and I both regretted that they did not learn about oral ulcers early, which made the baby suffer so much. So now I will share my experience and spread the knowledge about oral ulcers to parents. I hope it will be useful to everyone.

  1. Reason

From the doctor, I learned that there are many causes of oral ulcers in babies, so parents must not be negligent.

①Hand, foot and mouth disease, its symptoms are mainly small blisters growing on the baby’s mouth, palms, soles, and buttocks, which mostly occur in babies under 5 years old. The cause of the disease is infection with enterovirus.

②Aphtha, which is due to the lack of vitamin B in the baby’s body. When a wound occurs inside the mouth, it is easy to develop into an ulcer, which makes the baby very painful.

③ Trauma, such as scalding or stabbing the inside of the baby’s mouth, or eating corrosive substances by mistake, will damage the oral mucosa and cause ulcers.

④Drug allergies. If the baby is allergic, it is likely to develop infections due to drugs or other reasons, causing ulceration and inflammation in the eyes, mouth, and reproductive organs.

  1. How to care

① First of all, parents must carefully observe the baby’s mouth to find the specific location of his ulcer. If the ulcer is on both sides of the baby’s mouth, or on the inner wall of the mouth corresponding to the teeth, parents need to further investigate whether the baby’s teeth near the affected area have sharp and uneven gaps. If so, take the baby to the hospital for treatment; if there is no parent, you can take care of yourself at home.

② When taking care of the baby’s wound, parents should avoid giving the baby sour, salty, and spicy food, because these flavors will stimulate the baby’s mouth and cause more pain. When the baby is recuperating, parents should always give him liquid food to help him relieve pain and speed up healing. In addition, for older babies, parents can also give him some ice, such as ice water, popsicles, etc., which can also help him relieve the pain of ulcers.

③When the baby is recuperating, parents should pay more attention to the baby and do more behaviors that can divert his attention, such as taking him to play games, watching TV with him and other behaviors, and try to make the baby not pay attention to the painful place.

  1. Treatment remedies

① Use an appropriate amount of fresh banana leaves, put them on the fire and heat them, and then apply them to the baby’s affected area 2-3 times a day, but parents should be careful not to let the baby eat the banana leaves by mistake.

②Scrape the persimmon frost from the dried persimmons, brew it with boiling water, or put it in porridge for your baby to eat.

③Crush 1-2 tablets of vitamin C and apply it to the baby’s ulcer. Then let the baby close his mouth and do not swallow. Apply it for a while, 2 times a day.

④ Brew one tablespoon of whole milk powder with boiling water, then add appropriate amount of sugar, let the baby drink it, 2-3 times a day, the effect is very good.

⑤ Let the baby hold tomato juice in the mouth for more than three minutes. Parents can do it several times a day, and it will have good results.

Although oral ulcers are not a serious disease, they can make the baby very painful, so parents must find and treat them as soon as possible to relieve his symptoms.

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