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Loose Teeth, Prevention is More Important than Treatment

How to prevent tooth loosening, we must first understand what causes the tooth loosening. The main cause of tooth loosening is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is caused by plaque and calculus near the gums that continuously stimulate the periodontal tissues, causing bleeding, swelling, swollen and swollen gums, and even alveolar bone resorption. At this time, the teeth are like a big tree that has lost the soil, and become shaky.

How to prevent loose teeth?

[Gently brush your teeth]

After brushing your teeth vigorously for a period of time, the enamel will be destroyed, and after the soft tissue shrinks, a bag-like gap is created between the teeth and the gums. It’s like asking for trouble and inviting the infected person to live in this bag. To clean carefully, a soft toothbrush should be used. Brushing your teeth should be like wiping a mirror, not like brushing a bathtub.

[Swipe as much as it is better]

A complete cleaning once a day is better than a few random brushes. It takes two minutes to grind the teeth into pearly white, but many people only take less than a minute to finish. You can try to use the time of playing a song or the time of a TV commercial to brush your teeth.

[Don’t be too attached to your toothbrush]

Most dentists recommend changing a toothbrush a month. Because it only takes a few weeks to squeeze the originally soft and smooth bristles into a ball. When the bristles are like steel bristles that are turned out, it means that it is time for you to say goodbye to it.

[Use dental floss mouthwash to assist in cleaning]

In fact, brushing your teeth can not deeply clean the mouth. We can also use dental floss and mouthwash to help deep clean the teeth. Every morning and evening or after eating food, use dental floss to scrape the residue between the teeth, and then clean it with water.

[Refuse to eat too hard stuff often]

Occasionally, it’s good to eat. Take care to drop your teeth often.

【Massage gums】

Every time you brush your teeth, massage your gums with your fingers to promote blood circulation in the gums and effectively prevent gum atrophy and tooth loosening. The fingers are very soft and will not harm the gums at all. Method: After rinsing the mouth, place a clean right index finger on the gingival mucosa, press the root to the crown of the tooth up and down and along the level of the gums in the front and back directions, and massage the upper and lower, left and right inner and outer gums in turn for a few minutes.

【Vitamin Supplement】

Eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins, which are good for gum growth.

【Dental Health】

Dental care. Just tap your teeth gently and learn to do it for one to three minutes while resting or before going to bed. Knock your teeth back and forth, right and left, carefully. By tapping the teeth, the teeth can be exercised, the teeth will be firm, and the life span will be increased.

【Clean your teeth regularly】

Some people think that their teeth are quite healthy. If you brush your teeth well, there is no need to wash your teeth. In fact, it is not. Tooth washing is more like a kind of health care. Washing off tartar can prevent gum recession. Regular washing can reduce teeth. Occurrence rate of week sickness. So it’s still necessary to wash your teeth. You can wash your teeth once every six months to a year. You can decide according to your own situation.

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