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My Teeth are Half Rotten, Why Can’t I Fill them Directly?

Many patients with tooth decay are so painful that their teeth are almost half rotten, and they just want the doctor to repair the decay, but the doctor said that this situation can no longer be repaired. Can you just watch the decay be pulled out? Why can’t you fill your teeth? What are the huge hidden dangers behind this?

There are two reasons why you cannot fill your teeth

One is the pain of tooth decay, indicating that the dental pulp is infected by bacteria, which may have caused pulpitis, and then root canal treatment is required;

Second, the area of ​​tooth decay is too large, composite resin fillings are often ineffective, and they tend to fall out soon after filling.

Third, tooth decay causes inflammation of the roots and pustules on the gums. The doctor will take pictures to check the symptoms.

To what extent can the tooth decay be filled

Usually there are three stages of tooth decay.

The first stage: there are black lines on the occlusal surface of the teeth. Large teeth are generally the most common, indicating that tooth decay has begun, and the enamel is damaged by bacteria, but it is not painful or itchy. Pit and fissure caries will appear in time, instead of washing the teeth;

The second stage: the appearance of small black holes in the teeth indicates that moderate tooth decay is caused. Bacteria corrode to the dentin. Accompanied by tooth sensitivity, the black putrefaction substances are actually the products of bacteria. At this time, you can still fill the teeth;

The third stage: More than half of the teeth are rotted, indicating that there is severe tooth decay, bacteria injures the pulp and dental nerve, and accompanied by severe pain, dental neuropathy needs root canal treatment at this time to save the scarred teeth.

Which material is cost effective for mild tooth decay?

At present, these two are commonly used. Choose according to your tooth decay situation:

Glass ionomer, a filling material with better biocompatibility, has better adhesion to the tooth tissue, protects the pulp, but also releases fluoride to prevent recurrence of tooth decay and children’s deciduous teeth. This material is used to fill teeth More appropriate.

Composite resin, a filling material close to the color of teeth, has good adhesion, particularly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and there is no trace of repair after the key filling. It can be used by adults and children.

It does not mean that you can get it done once and for all. If you don’t take good care of your teeth, you will fall out again within a year.

Small holes don’t make up, big holes suffer

As the saying goes: small holes don’t make up, big holes endure hardship. Tooth decay is a natural enemy of dental health. Many people have been decayed since childhood. Tooth decay not only causes tooth pain, but also long-term tooth decay will decay the teeth. From shallow to deep decay, deep cavities are formed in the teeth. Timely fillings can prevent the further development of tooth decay. Therefore, the small help reminder: Fill your teeth as soon as possible.

Why do you have to fill your teeth as soon as possible

If you suffer from tooth decay (caries), you should repair it as early as possible, because the repair of the cavities can prevent the development of caries lesions, restore the function of the teeth early, and keep the dentition intact.

If it is not treated in time, the lesions will become larger and larger, from shallow caries to deep caries, sensitive to foods such as cold, hot, sour and sweet; when the damage reaches the pulp, it will cause pulpitis, and the toothache will be very serious at this time; When the disease progresses further, it will cause apical inflammation, periapical abscess, and even jaw osteomyelitis, and tooth loss. Tooth caries and missing teeth will affect chewing, increase gastrointestinal burden, and affect health.

What are the serious consequences if the tooth is not filled in time

⊙ The tooth itself does not have the function of self-repair. When the tooth is defective due to dental disease or trauma, only fillings are needed!

⊙After teeth are damaged, if the teeth are not filled in time, the pulp cavity will be exposed and pulp diseases will be induced. Tooth fillings can prevent the continued development of the disease, restore the health of the tooth, and prevent the occurrence of pulpitis and periapical diseases.

⊙When the tooth is decayed, the benefits of filling the tooth early, the patient will have spontaneous and paroxysmal pain, and the tooth will be extremely sensitive when encountering cold and heat stimulation, which will seriously affect the daily life and diet of the patient, and the filling can stop the caries The further development of the disease can eliminate the pain symptoms caused by dental caries and relieve the suffering of patients.

⊙The shape and color of teeth will directly affect the beauty of the face, especially the defect of the front teeth. Filling can restore the natural shape and beauty of the teeth and eliminate people’s inferiority complex caused by missing teeth.

⊙After dental filling treatment, the teeth can be preserved intact to prevent premature tooth loss, maintain the integrity of the dentition, avoid tooth extraction and no need to insert teeth, which saves a lot of costs for patients.

What are the benefits of fillings

⊙Tooth fillings can effectively prevent the continued development of tooth decay, relieve the pain of various periodontal diseases caused by tooth decay, and prevent tooth loss;

⊙Filling can effectively restore the chewing function of teeth. Tooth decay can cause toothache, gum inflammation, and food stuffing, which seriously affects the chewing function of teeth. Timely fillings can effectively protect teeth and avoid tooth loss.

⊙Restore the natural shape of teeth. The color and shape of the teeth directly affect the beauty of the face, especially the shape of the front teeth has a vital effect on human psychology and emotions.

What to pay attention to after filling teeth

⊙Do not brush your teeth on the day after resin fillings to prevent the filling materials from falling off.

⊙ It takes a certain time for the filling material to solidify. Therefore, you should not eat within 2 hours after filling the tooth. After 2 hours, you can eat light, mild liquid and semi-liquid food; such as milk, bread, porridge and soup.

⊙ The chewing function of the teeth after fillings is worse than that of real teeth. Therefore, you should pay attention to the protection of the mouth after fillings, and never bite too hard food.

⊙If the cavities are large, after filling the tooth, the tooth is prone to fracture during chewing after the tooth is restored. For this reason, the tooth should be protected by a crown in time after the filling of the tooth.

⊙It is normal to have slight pain and discomfort after filling the tooth, and you can adapt to it after a period of time. If the pain after filling does not alleviate, but worsens, the attending physician should promptly ask the attending physician for further adjustment and restoration.

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