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Gingival Abscess after Root Canal Therapy

If the root canal treatment immediately after the long abscess, it is recommended to first observe two or three weeks; sometimes some of our body’s reactions.

If the root canal treatment after repeated long abscess for a while, this should let the dentist to identify whether it is related to the treated teeth. That is to say, no matter whether the extracted nerve teeth are treated or not, the abscess may grow when encountering these reasons that invade the pulp system.

How is root canal operation carried out?

The whole root canal treatment process can be completed in one time, or it can be divided into two or three times according to the condition of teeth. Each meeting can last 30-90 minutes, which is a simple process with almost no discomfort.

At the beginning, local anesthesia was used to treat teeth. When the teeth and surrounding areas become numb, the pulp doctor drills an opening through the crown or the occlusal surface of the teeth into the pulp cavity. If it’s a front tooth, the pulp doctor will drill an opening behind the front tooth.

Endodontists use special files to remove infected, diseased, and dead pulp from the root canal. There will be no pain during the operation, because the anesthetized part is numb and the removed tissue is dead. Once all infected and dead tissue is removed, the pipes are sterilized with disinfectants.

These root canals are then shaped with fine tools so that they can be filled with root canal fillers, the so-called glue tips, and sealed. In the cleaning process, first wash and clean the ditch with washing method, remove sundries, and then insert fillers to seal the teeth.

A temporary covering material that acts like a seal being placed on top of a spray. This covering material remains in place until a crown or cap that looks like a normal tooth is installed on the treated tooth. Sometimes, a column is inserted into the canal next to gutta percha to give the crown more support.

After that, the crown is held in place so it doesn’t fall off.

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