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6 Details of Dental Handpiece Maintenance

1.When using the dental handpiece, it must be lubricated strictly according to the instruction manual. Generally, the high-speed dental handpiece is lubricated twice a day. Low-speed dental handpieces (straight nose, curved, motor) once a day.

2 The working pressure of the dental handpiece must be strictly in accordance with the instructions. Under normal circumstances, the working pressure of two-hole and three-hole dental handpieces is 2-2.2Kg, and the working pressure of four-hole, five-hole, and six-hole dental handpieces is 2.4—2.5Kg (referring to the pressure at the interface between the dental handpiece and the connecting pipe). The pressure must be adjusted when the new treatment dental handpiece is used, and the pressure of the treatment dental handpiece must be re-calibrated after a period of use (about one month).

3 Disinfection: High temperature steam disinfection should be used, chemical liquids and dry heat disinfection are not allowed. The disinfection temperature is 135℃, and the maximum time is no more than 30 minutes. It must be cleaned before disinfection and lubricated after disinfection. Note: The dental handpiece with quick-change connector should be removed, and only the dental handpiece is disinfected, not the connector. For low-speed dental handpieces, remove the straight and curved heads for disinfection. When there is dirt on the surface of the dental handpiece, please clean it with alcohol.

4 Do not use standard, rusty, aging burs or grinding heads.

5 Press the cover high-speed dental handpiece must not press the cover when rotating, so as not to damage the movement. Straight and curved dental handpieces cannot be loaded or removed when rotating.

6 The bur, grinding head or “standard bar” should be taken and installed once a day to avoid rusting if the bur is not removed for a long time.

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