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We must Know the Difference of Four Kinds of Commonly used Braces before Correcting Teeth

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you can use a variety of treatments to correct them, including braces and fixators. The dentist of your choice will ask you about your health status, and according to the clinical examination results, the dental models made, the facial and dental photos taken, they will make the appropriate treatment plan for you.

In some rare cases, such as horizontal overbite of anterior teeth (commonly known as sentinel teeth or mouth processes) or asymmetric occlusion, surgical treatment may also be required outside the use of dental hoops. Although dentists may explain the differences of various braces in detail, in order to choose the most suitable treatment method for you, you should know the function of various braces in advance. There are four kinds of braces commonly used by dentists at present:

Traditional metal hoop

The traditional metal hoop has been improved since its invention, and its weight and structure are lighter than before. They are made of high-strength stainless steel, and metal brackets are placed on each tooth with adhesive. The dentist firmly attaches the iron wire to the bracket with a small rubber band, and the bracket is connected with each other by a small elastic iron wire, which continuously applies appropriate pressure to each tooth to make it move slowly to the correct position.

Ceramic collar

The method of ceramic hoop is the same as that of traditional metal hoop, but the hoop is made of transparent ceramic material. Because the hoop is not obvious to other people, it makes the ceramic hoop popular with adults. People wearing ceramic braces may find that the rubber band on the braces changes color gradually, which may cause traces on the teeth. Your braces doctor may recommend some cleaning products, such as mouthwash or white toothpaste, which will help to thoroughly clean your teeth.

Self locking hoop

The braces are being welcomed by orthodontists because they offer a gentler treatment and do not require frequent visits to dental clinics to adjust the braces. The self-locking ferrule also has ceramic material to choose from. It does not need to use rubber band to connect iron wire, and uses sliding structure instead of rubber band to connect iron wire. These braces can achieve the ideal straightening effect faster, the reason is that there is no need to adjust the position of the braces when the teeth move. This causes less friction and pressure on the teeth, while the teeth do not feel so sore as they move. Self locking braces are also easier to keep clean, which means less time or money for dental professionals to adjust the braces.

Transparent collar

Transparent braces are removable straighteners, and you can use plastic instead of metal or ceramic braces. In order to straighten the teeth with transparent hoop, it is necessary to make several different straighteners, which will be used in different stages of hoop teeth. These custom-made transparent braces cling to the teeth and need to be removed for eating and cleaning, but they also need to be worn for more than 20 hours every day to achieve the desired progress, and the new straightener should be replaced approximately every two weeks.

Wearing a new orthodontic appliance will further adjust your teeth. After completing the orthodontic treatment, it is also recommended that you wear a orthodontic appliance to prevent the teeth from moving. These fixators will help to maintain the results of your hoop teeth until your teeth and the surrounding bone remain stable.

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