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Preventive Antibiotics: Inform The Doctor Before Dental Treatment and Root Canal Treatment

“Doctor, can I just take medicine, just take antibiotics, don’t take a nerve?”

“Doctor, can I not take antibiotics, people say that taking medicine hurts my waist!”

“Doctor, my cardiologist told me that if I had dental treatment, I would take antibiotics first.”

“Doctor, I am just root canal treatment, can I not take antibiotics first?”

What are antibiotics?

An antibiotic is a drug that can inhibit the growth of bacteria or kill bacteria. In other words, antibiotics are only useful against “bacteria”; if the disease is caused by a virus, it has no effect.

So what are dental preventive antibiotics?

As the name suggests, it is necessary to take antibiotics “in advance or before surgery” for certain physical conditions before undergoing some invasive treatment of dentistry.

The purpose of this article is to hope that patients have the following related conditions. Before seeing their teeth, they must inform the dentist and endodontist.

Three conditions, need to inform the physician before dental treatment

First: Heart category

  1. You have an artificial heart valve, or a graft implanted through a catheter.
  2. Your heart valve repair uses artificial materials.
  3. You have a history of bacterial endocarditis.
  4. You have a history of congenital heart disease that has not been repaired or has been repaired, and beside the artificial restoration, there are still shunts and valve turbulence.
  5. You have a history of heart transplantation and valve regurgitation caused by structurally abnormal valves.

Second: artificial joint replacement

  1. In general, if you have patients with artificial joint implants, it is not recommended to use prophylactic antibiotics to prevent artificial joint infections before dental treatment.
  2. However, if you have a history of complications related to joint replacement surgery, you should only consider prophylactic antibiotics after consulting your orthopedics or surgeon.

Third: Other related medical history

In addition to telling your dentist about the following cases, you must ask your internal medicine and surgeon whether you should use preoperative antibiotics before dental treatment, and you must respect your doctor.

  1. Artificial joints have been infected;
  2. Are receiving treatment for severe oral infections;
  3. There are systemic infections and conditions that are prone to infections;
  4. Congenital or acquired immunodeficiency;
  5. Are using immunosuppressive drugs;
  6. There are systemic immune disorders (for example: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus);
  7. Diabetes, and poor blood sugar control;
  8. Late kidney disease, kidney dialysis patients;
  9. Have plans for extensive and invasive surgery;

Taking or taking special medicines (for example: certain osteoporosis medicines), there may be a risk of drug-related osteonecrosis.

The correct medication concept you should develop

First: allergic drugs

The history of allergic drugs is very important for patients and doctors. If you have any allergies related to medication, you must tell the doctor tirelessly.

Second: Do not stop medicine

Please follow the instructions of the doctor before using any medicine. Do not arbitrarily increase or stop using drugs at will. Especially antibiotics, random withdrawal of drugs, easy to produce drug resistance; the consequences of drug resistance is very serious, we must pay attention.

Third: Do not buy medicines indiscriminately

People often self-medicate and like to go to buy medicines prescribed only by doctors. In addition to causing drug abuse, repeated medication is also a major concern.

In summary: preventive <preoperative> antibiotics require extra caution for dental treatment, especially with the above medical history, be sure to consult with your dentist or related specialist.

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