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Elderly Lack of Teeth And Difficult to Swallow Increases the Risk of Dementia and Aspiration Pneumonia

Recently, an uncle Li, who was nearly 70 years old, had only 10 teeth left in his mouth, and they were all severely shaken, and it was difficult to swallow and chew. Not only was he malnourished, he was as skinny as he was, but he also caused aspiration pneumonia; another 80-year-old man wore full-mouth active dentures It was barely cleaned, the mouth smelled bad, dentures were full of food debris, severe tartar, and moldy. Physicians warn that old people’s poor teeth increase the risk of dementia and aspiration pneumonia.

Elderly people placed nasogastric tubes, often neglecting to clean their teeth, causing severe calculus.

Adults generally have 28 teeth in their full mouth. Even if they are old, they must have 20 teeth to have enough chewing function. However, people over 6 and 70 years old generally have less than 20 teeth, resulting in poor chewing, dysphagia, and bedridden patients. If swallowing is difficult, half of them will cause aspiration pneumonia, which is double that of normal people.

Tooth loss is one of the main causes of dysphagia. Once dysphagia increases the risk of dementia or cognitive degradation, because chewing stimulates brain activity, if there are less than 20 teeth, the risk of intellectual degradation reaches 40%; Jia is more likely to cause aspiration pneumonia, and the incidence of pneumonia in China is increasing year by year, most of which are elderly.

There are only 10 dentures that refuse to be installed

The elderly have a serious tooth loss, which is caused by cleaning problems. The old man mentioned at the beginning of the article has only 10 teeth left, that is, he doesn’t like to brush his teeth for a long time, his mouth is not good, he can’t eat, he refuses to install dentures, he doesn’t wear a nasogastric tube, he is 170 cm tall, and he is thin to only 45 kg, and he eventually suffers from pneumonia. The 80-year-old wears active dentures for 10 years, thinking that the dentures do not need to be brushed, but only occasionally take off and flush, the result is full of stench, and the mouth is full of ulcers.

There are many elderly people who don’t brush their teeth after inserting the nasogastric tube, but even if they have not eaten by mouth, there are bacteria in the oral cavity, which will produce dental calculus. Therefore, as children and caregivers, they should help the elders brush their teeth for a long time, pay attention to oral cleaning, otherwise they may cause inhalation. pneumonia.

Full dentures are neglected for cleaning, mouth odor

Aging will change the oral bacteria, increase anaerobic bacteria, damage the bone of the gums, cause periodontal disease and aggravate the deterioration, resulting in missing teeth. Therefore, the elderly should pay more attention to oral cleaning and brush their teeth after meals; while wearing movable dentures, every After the meal, you should also remove the denture to clean and scrub, so as not to breed bacteria.

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