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10 Tips for Using Dental Handpieces

You have a completely new handpiece that you will be just itchiness to view in action. In any event, we’re positive you already know exactly what you ought to be doing together with your handpiece. However, have you ever seriously considered what you shouldn’t be doing with it?

We highly intimidate doing the following ten points.

  1. It Isn’t a Hammer. We understand, it could be luring, but remember to avoid all urges to use the handpiece as a hammer when prepping a cavity. We recommend altering to a different bur instead of using it as being a chisel. It is going to use far better, and will cost less.
  2. Do Not Use an Incorrect Bur Length. Usually do not use much longer burs than suggested for your handpiece kind. Certain miniature head handpieces need short shank burs and many regular head handpieces suggest against using a operative length bur.
  3. Tend Not To immerse. You ought to never immerse the handpiece in any case. Accomplishing this might cause corrosion within the handpiece, which will trouble it.
  4. Usually Do Not Use dull or bent burs. Do not use bent burs in the handpiece as it may result in breakage from the cartridge or turbine.
  5. Do Not Work if You Notice Strange Sounds. Usually do not operate the handpiece in the event you notice an odd noises provided by it. A rattle could imply a loosened interior component or an insect invasion. Possibly a loosened component though….possibly.
  6. Usually Do Not Exceed the Recommended Air Pressure. Usually do not exceed the maximum recommended atmosphere strain it could result in untimely failure of the turbine.
  7. It Isn’t a Cheek Retractor. Usually do not make use of the handpiece as being a cheek retractor. Not only is it harmful to your handpiece, but accomplishing this might lead to injury to the patient.


  1. It Isn’t a clean tool. Once again, we know this may appear as a shock to you personally. Nevertheless, your handpiece isn’t a proper cleaning tool and you should avoid using it to clean up the fiber optic light-weight it could damage the glass conclusion.


  1. Electric powered Attachment –water. Never work an electric attachment in the mouth cavity without using water. We promise you are losing significantly less water than those ice cubes container problems performed.
  2. Tend Not To Start Without a Back-up. We suggest at the least 3 handpieces per operation: 1 in-use, 1 back-up and 1 in sterilization from the earlier circumstance. The 3-1 rule will make sure optimum efficiency, for a longer time life of the handpiece and all round finest procedures. Require a back-up handpiece? Please hop on to http://www.dentalinbox.com/.
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