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Sonicflex Style Dental Fiber Optic Air Scaler Handpiece MULTIflex Coupling SJ123


  1. The body is titanium plated, the head can emit light, and the tail can adjust the power, which can be quickly received;
  2. Fiber optic with light. With dual fiber lighting, durable, so that the treatment process is bright without blind spots;
  3. Three different performance levels;
  4. Equipped with limited force wrench to ensure the tightness of the tips installation;
  5. Built-in water cooling, comfortable painless;
  6. Oscillation frequency 5000-6000 Hz, optimal treatment options;
  7. Power set with safety lock, accurate and reliable;
  8. Usage: removal of gingival subgingival caculus, cleaning teeth, root surface formation, rooth canal preparation and inlay preparation and so on.
  9. With 3 Scaler Tips SJ1 SJ2 SJ3

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Power Adjustment

  1. Switch power level from Gentle to Standard by turning the blue adjuster ring.
  2. There is a safety lock at power level 2.
  3. To bypass it, press the adjuster ring forward and turn it to power level 3.


Operating pressure: 2.5 – 3 bar

Water pressure: 0.5 – 0.7 bar

Coolant flow rate: 30 – 60ml/min

Minimal coolant flow: 30 ml/min

Air consumption: 20 – 40 l/min

Oscillation frequency: 5500 – 6000 hz

Oscillation amplitude: Less than 200 microns

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1*Oil filling nozzle

1* Dredging needle

No Quick connector included

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Weight 10.58 oz
Dimensions 7.87 × 5.51 × 3.14 in