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Interproximal Reciprocating Stripping Dental IPR Contra Angle Handpiece 4:1

$98.99 $85.99

1000 in stock


Dental IPR reciprocating interproximal stripping contra  angle Handpiece 1024CH-401 HO


Model: 1024CH-401


It comes without any grinding tips.


Fits E type handpieces
1.4mm stroke
Optimal torque
Gear Ratio: 4:1


1. Please notice that check product appearance if it is obviously deformative or  attached foreign matters.
2. It must be kept in high temperature autoclavable sterilizer with 15 mins, and  then dried for 30 mins.
3. put the stripper in correct way with contra angle/manual grip.
4. The stripper will be placed on the interproximal teeth lightly stroke to cut  and grind
5. In operation, if the stripper was broken or droped at ground, should replace  a new one in time.
6. After operation, the stripper should be cleaned up completely and put in dry  conditions.