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Handpiece YJD806 for Dental Lab Brushless Electric Micromotor Micro Polishing


Max speed: 60000rpm
Max torque: 850gf.cm

96 in stock


Descriptions of Dental Electric Micromotor:

1.With human engineering design, comfortable to operate.
2.Special materiral and workmanship, no noise, no vibration and runing more smoothly.
3.Much bigger power, much stronger torque.
4.Precise speed control system, precise speed adjustment.
5.Touch panel, more elegant, user friendly design.
6.With memory and fault warning function, intelligent control system.
7.Automatic protection against over current, overteating, overloading.
8.Application area: widely used in precise grinding, carving and polishing for false teeth, precious stone, jewelry, nails, mold, handicrafts and so on.

Advantages of brushless micro motor:
1.No armatures, field coil, carbon brushes and no maintenance-high efficiency.
2.Virtually no loss of rated power during full load grinding.
3.High efficient output, energy saving.
4.Continuously constant torque.
5.Much simpler and stronger construction of the motor.
6.Motor consist of stator and rotor, rotor is squirrel cage and stator has winding which is stationary so no rotating winding in the motor.
7.Accelerated start, low starting current- extending the service life.
8.Strong protection function-overheating, over current, low voltage rotection.