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Dental laminating machine vacuum forming machine Dental materials Diaphragm Oral material production orthodontic retainer



Power supply voltage: 220V / 50Hz ± 10% 110V / 60Hz ± 10%

Power supply: 1000W

Overall dimensions: 25 × 21 × 30cm

Machine weight: 6kg

1000 in stock



The main function:

  1. decolorization braces forming and production;
  2. orthodontic appliances, dental arch splint molding and production;
  3. Periodontal disease, fluoride treatment tray molding and production;
  4. Temporary, Henderson care, tooth care care of the molding and production;


1, pull the lever first, and then trim the gypsum model on the vacuum network.

2, the film on the mezzanine, tighten the fixed screw knob.

3, turn on the heating switch to observe the softness of the film until the film is heated evenly.

4, the rod is pressed to make the heated soft film covered in the gypsum model,

5, turn off the heating switch, turn on the vacuum switch, vacuum 10-15 seconds, braces can be formed.

6, first with a pen in the film by gingival margin to draw a mark.

7, until the film is cooled, use scissors or grinding film to remove excess film mark, complete braces.

Orthodontic and transparent holding device Production method:

1, take stamping.

2, gypsum plaster model to be dry after dressing model, remove the palate and the tongue should be part of the best make it into a “U” type.

3, Molding machine placed molding, clamping, lift to heat. Will do the model into the vacuum machine vacuum suction cup molding machine.

4, with a vacuum heater on the hard film heating, let its depression about 2 cm. The deeper the recess, the thinner the retainer will be.

Move it down onto the model until it is fully seated.

5, using a vacuum machine for 15-20 seconds to ensure that molding. Remove the heater and allow the module to cool before removing it.

6, use the scissors to trim the excess, or use the needle directly along the gingival margin 2 ~ 3mm grinding it, trimming the edge, leaving the gingival margin 0.5 mm. .

7, braces trimmed, put the bra on the model again, check whether it is consistent. Such an orthodontic holder made,

and if you feel the edge is not close, you can use the alcohol lamp to bake, bend inward, until close. The same method,

the choice of different thickness and hardness of the plastic sheet, can be made whitening denture, molar molars pad and so on.

Package including:



1*instructions in English

1*warranty card

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