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Dental Endo Ultra Activator Ultrasonic Endo Irrigator Root Canal Handpiece


The endo irrigator originally born from concentrated technology for ultrasonic activation of irrigation solutions with vibration frequency of 40KHz to create cavitation and acoustic streaming in the irrigant.

Relying on such innovation , better cleaning and disinfection quality could be reached as below.

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Strong working power

Head can rotate 360 degree

Safe enough for no tip break

Can be effectively clean, penetrate, and remove vapor lock

Flexible (smooth and non-cutting tips, pre-calibrated power) Soft keys (comfortable operation)


Name: Ultrasonic endodontic endo irrigator activator

Type: Endo Activator Irrigator

Frequency: 40KHz

Battery Voltage: DC5.0V/3W

Battery: 1500mAh

High Frequency:40000Hz

Sterilized: 134℃/0.22mpa for 3min

Material: Metal, plastic

Power Source: Electric

Taper File: 21mm

Taper Rod: 19mm

Warranty: 1 year

Additional information

Weight 14.28 oz
Dimensions 8.26 × 3.93 × 3.14 in

Black, White