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Why does the Gum of Some Long-term Smoker Inflammation not Apparent?

“A cigarette after a meal, happy like a fairy” is the greatest enjoyment of many addicts, but behind the enjoyment, it is the hotbed of many diseases, such as lung cancer, upper respiratory diseases, periodontal diseases, etc.

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease caused by bacterial infection. Patients are stimulated by long-term plaque, which gradually causes inflammation of tooth flesh. If the plaque and calculus cannot be removed in time, it will further cause alveolar bone damage, which is often called periodontal disease.

However, smoking itself will send many harmful substances into the body, which will affect the function of white blood cells to inhibit bacteria; just like we wash the pot with a brush, the brush is stained with a lot of oil, of course, the pot is not clean; in addition, some scholars think that smoking will reduce the blood flow around the gum, and affect the ability of nutrient supply and repair; this is caused by human resistance to periodontal disease The reasons for the decline of pathogenic bacteria, the difficulty of tissue recovery and the acceleration of periodontal damage.

The oral condition of smokers often has the following characteristics: bad breath, serious tooth staining, no obvious gingival inflammation and serious destruction of periodontal tissue; the latter two seem to contradict each other, because the addict’s mouth has been stimulated by high temperature for a long time, and the gingiva has the tendency of fibrosis, so the gingival color is white, and the inflammation phenomenon of obvious redness and swelling will not be seen in the early stage.

But all kinds of toxic substances contained in cigarettes, including the well-known nicotine, will affect the immune capacity of the human body and cause severe damage to the patient’s alveolar bone; like furniture parasitized by termites, there is no difference in appearance, but the interior is already riddled with holes, as long as you touch it hard, it will collapse immediately. As a result, smoking patients often make doctors and patients misjudge and ignore the health level of periodontal tissue. When patients perceive pain, the situation may be quite serious, and they only have to go on the way of tooth extraction.

The course of treatment of smoking patients with periodontal disease is longer than that of general patients. In addition to traditional treatment, including oral health education, subgingival curettage and periodontal surgery, it is better to cooperate with smoking cessation to restore the body’s resistance. This type of periodontal disease requires a high proportion of periodontal surgery. This is because in these patients, the gingiva often has fibrosis, and the bone defect is serious, so it is often necessary to remove the fibrotic gingiva by surgery and repair the alveolar bone to make the tissue recover well.

According to the research, the treatment effect of smoking patients is slightly worse than that of general patients. After treatment, the recurrence rate is also higher than that of general periodontal disease patients. Once saw a smoking patient, although he has received treatment and quit smoking, but every few months, he will produce gingival pyocytes, which is suffering from periodontal disease for years. After periodontal surgery and strengthening oral health, the situation finally became stable one and a half years after quitting smoking. The reason may be that although the patient has given up smoking, the toxic substances in cigarettes still remain in the body and can be discharged after a period of metabolism.

It’s not too late to mend. Although there are many smoking friends who suffer from periodontal disease all the year round, as long as we pay attention to oral health care, accept the diagnosis and treatment of dentists as soon as possible, and cooperate with quitting smoking, we can avoid the risk of toothless people.

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