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Why do Some Orthodontic Patients Need Elastic Bands or Rubber Bands during Treatment?

What do these little rubber bands do?

“Elastic bands or rubber bands are a very important part of orthodontic treatment.” “They provide the necessary force to move your teeth and adjust your jaw to ensure a beautiful and normally functioning occlusion at the end of your treatment.”

Elastic bands can improve the engagement of upper and lower teeth or jaw. Your teeth may look straight and fast, but when we try to adjust the occlusion, the real work comes.

The rubber band needs to be worn all the time. Some orthodontic patients will choose to continue eating while eating. This is a good idea.

Eating while wearing rubber bands will actually help them work more efficiently, basically training your teeth to where you want them.

The rubber bands vary in length, strength, and color, but the goal is the same-to ensure that you are biting into the desired function at the end of the treatment. Some brackets on your braces have small hooks on which you can attach the rubber bands. Be sure to secure the rubber band to the correct teeth to ensure that your teeth do not move to the wrong position. Invisalign patients will have a “precision hook”, which is essentially a small incision in the aligner or tray to hook the elastic band.

Elasticity can be used in different configurations, depending on the movement your orthodontist is working to achieve. The rubber band will gently pull your teeth forward, backward, and / or together so that the teeth are properly aligned.

“In terms of elastic wear, be sure to follow the instructions of your orthodontist.” knows that wearing them may be annoying and even a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but hope that by the end of the treatment, you will have the most beautiful, Effective bite force. “The dentist’s instructions will help ensure that your treatment continues.

If you accidentally skipped for hours or even a day, just return to the right habit as soon as possible. Do not fold the rubber band, as this will slow down the treatment and even damage the teeth and roots.

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