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What is Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces have been around for decades, and as more and more adults switch to orthodontic treatment, you may often see them. This type of braces is as reliable as standard metal braces, but they look more beautiful.

Ceramic or transparent braces are made of transparent or tooth-colored materials to better blend with the natural color of your teeth. They consist of a bracket and wire, just like ordinary metal braces. The main difference is that ceramic braces are less obvious to others and are especially beneficial for adults to attend various social occasions.

High quality ceramic braces can provide considerable strength, less stains, sturdy, effective, comfortable to wear, and also provide a more convenient and comfortable way to straighten teeth compared to standard braces. In some cases, this high-tech braces can make your teeth move faster and less often with an orthodontist.

Transparent or ceramic braces are a good choice for patients of all ages. Not only are adults looking for more discreet ways to correct their teeth, adolescents also like these choices.

Over the years, ceramic stents have come a long way. Coupled with today’s digital dental equipment is more powerful than ever, it can handle almost any orthodontic problem.

Several misunderstandings about ceramic braces:

First, ceramic braces do not stick well. Many people say that, in fact, the bonding force of ceramic braces is greater than that of steel braces. This is the reason why many people say that they hurt their teeth when they are under the braces. So how can it be said that the ceramic is not easy to stick? To say easy to fall is also easy to fall off the steel braces.

Second, ceramic braces have high friction and will be slower. This is also a question that many people ask. They all say that ceramics are not as effective as steel braces, and they are slower. Some doctors also specify that steel braces should be used. Indeed, because of the cheapness of steel and the negative publicity about ceramics, many people who love beauty are discouraged.

The surface friction of ceramic is indeed greater than that of steel, so many ceramic braces are added with metal grooves, and ceramic braces with metal grooves are naturally no different from metal braces. If you care about the effect, choose metal grooves. Yes, there are no concerns, of course, it will be a bit more expensive, but it is still cheaper than metal self-locking. The process of tooth movement is a physiological process. Can you trust it too quickly? The ones without metal grooves are cheaper. Our professional doctor said that the friction might be a little bigger, but not so serious. As for the time, it is mainly to see how the doctor handles it. I believe that it will not be wrong to choose a good doctor . Or, one or two months later, do you care so much? Compared with a lot of good looks in the middle of two years, this is not very important, and you need to wear a retainer when you take the braces.

Third, the brackets are expensive and stick back. Ceramic braces are more expensive than metal. If they are lost and lost, it is really not a good match. However, if you just stick it back and go directly to your orthodontist, you will generally not be charged, and of course you can’t grow old and annoying. Also, be careful when eating, don’t eat hard, and the brackets are dropped, which will affect the effect. Tooth friends who want to hurry up, it ’s normal to pay attention to it.

Fourth, some doctors must call for steel, saying that the effect of steel is good. I think there are two points: Or the doctor is very patient and saves costs for you. If you do n’t have any requirements for the appearance, and you feel that the steel is OK, that’s no problem. The same effect is much cheaper. Or this doctor is doing less ceramic at all. As as an orthodontist, experience is very important. If you have done many examples, you will have rich experience. You will be more proficient in how to control the force and control every time. If all he makes is steel, there are very few ceramics. Of course, he is not very sure about making ceramics. Of course, it is recommended that you use steel.

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