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What is a Dental Handpiece? Do You Know the Classification and Use of Dental Handpieces?

Dental handpiece is also called oral handpiece, of course, it is not the mobile phone we see in life, but a special medical instrument for oral cavity, can be used to clean teeth, grinding caries of bad teeth, the product variety is more, according to the speed and structure can be divided into high speed handpiece and low speed handpiece.
Dental patients in the process of dental clinic, its surface and inside the turbine components and pipe after use may have different levels of pathogenic microorganism pollution, and in the process of dental treatment generally mucous membrane and skin damage, a lot of blood, infectious disease is through no strict disinfection of dental high speed turbine handpiece contact with the wound.
However, the manufacturing precision and complex structure of the high-speed dental turbine handpiece, the turbine cavity, water and air passage and other accessories in the handpiece head all have complex gaps and hard-to-penetrate pipelines. These special structures are easy to pollute and difficult to thoroughly disinfect in the suction back process caused by the shutdown of the dental handpiece.Dental mobile phone is a necessary tool for dentists, belonging to the second class of medical instruments, is suitable for oral clinical teeth with caries cleaning, pulpitis, apical teeth for pulp drilling, missing teeth for the preparation of abutment teeth.
Dental handpiece is divided into ordinary handpieces and one-time dental handpiece, the one-time dental handpiece has solved the oral clinical treatment problem of disinfection and sterilization and the maintenance cost of problem, really meet the requirements of the health department of “one person (patient) in one handpiece”, improve the credibility of dental medical institutions.
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