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Three Risks of Improper Teeth Whitening

Risk one, tooth sensitivity

According to the synthesis of most studies, about 40% -70% of home whitening users will have tooth sensitivity; and about 20% -75% of inter-office whitening cases will also have tooth sensitivity.

The occurrence and degree of tooth sensitivity are related to the structure of the tooth itself, the use of different types of drugs, and the irradiation of different light sources, but usually the time varies from three days to two weeks. So avoid excessively irritating foods, such as hot and cold, sweet and sour food.

If your teeth are very sensitive, please consult your stomatologist.

Risk 2. Irritation of gums and surrounding soft tissues

Irritation of the gums is more likely to occur in home whitening. Many reasons are that when operating at home, too much medicine overflows the whitening tray, or improper use of the whitening pen makes the medicine stimulate the soft tissue.

Because of the whitening between the clinic and the whitening in the teeth, under the supervision of the doctor, there will be appropriate protective measures, and the relative occurrence is rare.

Risk three: extra-tooth root absorption

Part of the whitening agent leakage may cause extra-tooth root absorption or invasive tooth-neck root absorption. Although this type of absorption is not common, it is not easy to find by yourself. It is usually found by a doctor during a routine dental examination.

How to maintain teeth after whitening

Maintenance one, life diet

There is no once-and-for-all whitening of teeth. The maintenance of whitening effect depends on how the teeth are used. If the food is highly stained, the whitening effect will remain short; some reports show that the effect of whitening is about half a year to two years Restore.

Of course, during the one or two weeks after the tooth whitening treatment, the diet should be very careful. In particular, avoid foods that are easily dyed highly, such as coffee, tea, red wine, cola, curry, red dragon fruit, etc. There are also smoking, betel nuts … These are easy to cause staining of teeth, try to avoid them.

Maintenance two, oral cleaning

Good tooth cleaning habits are always the most important. In addition to preventing dental diseases, it is also very important to maintain the whitening effect. Especially after eating the food that is easy to stain.

Maintenance 3. Regular return visit

Regular visits, in addition to observing the effect of whitening maintenance; the most important thing is to assess whether there are follow-up problems, such as the above-mentioned tooth sensitivity, gum and soft tissue injury, tooth root absorption, etc.

Conclusion: Love beauty is nature. Especially in this era of media advertising and the need for quick effects, we need to slow down and look at teeth whitening.

Before teeth whitening, it must be evaluated by a professional stomatologist before drawing up a treatment plan and then whitening; however, not all tooth stains can be improved by whitening, and some require dental patches and crowns to repair.

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