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Three Reasons Why Implant Should not be Stressed

Dental implants are known for their good biocompatibility and longevity. The main component of the implant is pure titanium. Because of the natural affinity between titanium and bone, new cells will grow and adhere to the titanium implant over time, making their connection firm and durable. Of course, in order to achieve this goal, implant surgery is needed. When it comes to implant, many people will worry about whether it will hurt. In fact, with the rapid development of Stomatology, the discomfort caused by dental implant surgery is getting lighter and lighter, and it has a very high success rate in the hands of trained professional dentists.

Here are three reasons why implant surgery does not require tension:

  1. The procedure is precisely planned. Implantation is a relatively small operation, mainly because all the details of placement are usually developed in advance. For complex situations, your dentist can use X-ray or CT imaging to determine the exact location of each implant and create surgical guidelines for use during surgery to make incisions and create small channels for fixing the implant.
  2. The implantation can be performed by local anesthesia. If you are healthy enough, you should have no problem with the implant. With local anesthetics, your dentist will anesthetize only the implant site and surrounding tissue while you are awake. However, if you have any anxiety, your dentist can also use sedatives or antianxieties before continuing treatment.
  3. After that, there was hardly any discomfort. Due to the pre planned operation guidance and advanced implantation technology, tissue damage is very little, and the cut tissue can be sutured with self-priming suture. Although in some cases stronger painkillers may be needed, most of the time a mild non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), such as ibuprofen, is fine.

The implant site can heal fairly quickly and predictably with a high success rate. A few weeks after bone integration, your dentist will wear a porcelain crown, and you will begin to enjoy years of occlusal function and confident smile.

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