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The Feasibility Of Periodontal Disease And Corrective Treatment Needs Dialectical Analysis

Many patients believe that if there is periodontal disease, they should not be corrected, because they are afraid that the power of correction may cause periodontal disease to be more serious. There is indeed no controlled correction force plus excessive traumatic bite force, which may cause periodontal Degree of injury. However, if the orthodontics is applied under careful control, sometimes the orthodontics will not only destroy the periodontal, but may also help treat periodontal disease, or prevent the periodontal disease from worsening.

The most common ones are vertical absorption of alveolar bone, high and low alveolar bone ridges, patients can not do a good job of cleaning, and the effect of bone powder is not very good.We can use the tension of the teeth to correct the teeth to the direction of the occlusal surface Pull to make the alveolar bone grow toward the occlusal surface until the alveolar bone ridge can be almost the same height as the alveolar bone ridge of the adjacent tooth, so that the patient’s teeth cleaning work is easy to handle, and periodontal disease can be improved.

If there is alveolar bone absorption between the two roots of the large molar, it is difficult to clean the teeth.You can separate the teeth from the middle into two teeth, and use the corrective force to push the two roots away. The hyperplasia can induce the growth of the alveolar bone between the two roots, and the problem that the cavity between the two roots is not easy to clean up can also be solved, because the two teeth can be easily cleaned separately.

Crowded teeth, the roots between the two teeth are too close without alveolar bone, and it is also easy to cause periodontal health problems. You can use the corrected thrust to push the two tooth roots away, due to the proliferation of a large number of osteoblasts. Alveolar bone grows to improve periodontal health.

The teeth that have been declared by the periodontologist should be severely absorbed by the alveolar bone, and the gums will be dented. It is not ideal to consider the aesthetics of dentures or implants in the future.It is best to remove them before pulling out The teeth are pulled out in a corrective manner, so that the alveolar bone grows, so as to facilitate the ideal alveolar bone support when making dentures or implants in the future.

Of course, orthodontic treatment has potential risks for periodontal disease. If improper force is applied, it will accelerate the deterioration of periodontal disease. During the orthodontic treatment, you should always pay attention to the health of the periodontal disease. Do the periodontal disease before correction. Initial treatment to control inflammation symptoms.

Pay attention to the adjustment of the bite at any time, and the adjustment of the corrective force at any time, until the most suitable strength for the patient’s individual, usually from the smallest strength to the maximum strength that the patient can tolerate, that is, the tooth does not shake abnormally !With good quality orthodontic treatment and regular periodontal health maintenance, patients with periodontal disease can receive orthodontic treatment.

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