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The Difference Between KN95 Mask and N95 Mask

Hello everyone! Recently, the Covid-2019 virus has struck, and experts recommend wearing a mask when going out. Masks are divided into several categories, so what is the difference between the most common KN95 and N95 masks? Please see below for me to answer everyone.

1.KN95: According to our national standards, masks can be divided into two categories: KN and KP according to their functions. KN is suitable for filtering non-oily particulate matter, and KP is suitable for filtering oily particulate matter. The following figure is the percentage of filtration efficiency. KN95 stipulates that the filtration efficiency for non-oily particles above 0.075 microns is greater than 95%.

2.N95: American NIOSH dust mask standard, detailed parameters are consistent with domestic KN95. That is to say, KN95 and N95 are just different in name, and the mask protection level produced according to these two standards is exactly the same. You can rest assured to buy any KN95 or N95 standard mask, there is no difference in protection effect

  1. Everyone can rest assured to buy any KN95 or N95 standard mask, there is no difference in protection effect
  2. Some products of KN95 masks have a cold flow exhalation valve. Also according to the recommendations of experts, this device does not affect the efficiency of virus filtration, and friends can buy it with confidence.
  3. In addition to wearing masks when going out, personal health should also pay attention to. Lemonade and vitamin effervescent tablets can also be prepared. Studies have shown that the lack of vitamins in the body can cause resistance to decline.
  4. Because the protective effect of these two types of masks is very good, there will be difficulty in breathing after wearing this mask, so everyone should pay more attention to ventilation when wearing this mask.
  5. When we wear the mask, we must master the correct way of wearing it. After the mask is used or damaged after being damp, discard it, and do not reuse it.
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