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Six Things You Need to Know Before Teeth Whitening

“Wyman whitening, cold light whitening, home whitening, clinic whitening, intradental whitening … so many kinds of whitening methods are dazzling?

“I heard that after teeth whitening, the teeth will be very sensitive, sour, is this the case?

“Is teeth whitening done once and for all?”

Signs of tooth whitening on the market can be seen everywhere, clinics, department stores, online shopping malls and so on. With so many types of teeth whitening, which one is better? Will there be risks?

Before teeth whitening, there are six questions you should know in advance:

  • Three causes of discoloration of teeth: your daily diet, or illness of the teeth, or the process of tooth growth may cause the teeth to discolor.
  • Two forms of whitening: physical stain removal, or chemical form and stain removal molecules to achieve tooth whitening.
  • Three types of teeth whitening: whitening in the teeth, whitening between clinics, and home whitening.
  • Three items of whitening of teeth: Pay attention to the possibility of tooth sensitivity, whether there is irritation of gums and surrounding soft tissues, and tooth root absorption although it is not common, but also pay attention.
  • Maintenance of teeth whitening: the teeth after whitening should pay attention to life and diet, reduce the chance of re-staining; oral cleaning is the most important, in addition to reducing staining adhesion, it is necessary to reduce tooth-related diseases; regular dental visits, In addition to maintaining the dental whitening effect, early treatment for dental diseases is found early.
  • Before teeth whitening, it must be evaluated by a professional stomatologist to formulate a treatment plan and then whiten; however, not all tooth stains can be improved by whitening, and some require dental patches and crowns to repair. So teeth whitening, seek the advice of your stomatologist, so as not to delay enough self-behavior, and lead to regrets not the original regret.

How to whiten teeth safely and effectively?

First of all, you can consult a professional dentist to make an exclusive customized dental tray at the clinic, place the whitening agent in the dental tray at home every day, and wear it for 6 to 8 hours, so that the effect is slowly radiated through a long time. It is different from the cold light whitening with high concentration. The advantage of the customized dental tray is that it is completely close to your tooth shape, so not only can the whitening agent be evenly applied to the tooth surface, but also do not have to worry about swallowing, or the agent is diluted due to saliva secretion, which makes the effect discounted ; And its effect is relatively mild, easy to maintain for a long time, the probability of occurrence of harm is much lower.

In addition, you should go to the oral clinic to wash your teeth regularly, and you must brush and pick your teeth correctly every day. This can keep your teeth clean and naturally look whiter; it can also effectively remove plaque and prevent gum inflammation, gum atrophy, and periodontal disease. Wait.

Finally, it is also important to match the correct diet and lifestyle. In addition to avoiding foods that can easily stain teeth, such as strong tea and soy sauce, we can also choose specific foods to keep our teeth white and white. More durable and safer.

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