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Sensitive Treatment of Teeth can be Careless

  1. Regular return visit

Regular visits, the doctor will check the status of your teeth. Look for those teeth that may become sensitive and deal with them early. Or look for teeth that are already sick; tooth decay, cracked teeth, periodontal, gum problems, problematic patchwork should be diagnosed and treated differentially.

  1. If the sensitivity of the teeth cannot be relieved, seek the assistance of a doctor. However, after evaluation by the doctor, whether the use of fluorogel, dentin tubule sealing material, braces, inlays, gingival covering, root canal treatment and other treatments are required.
  2. If there is a patient with gastroesophageal reflux or vomiting, in addition to dental problems, it is recommended to visit the relevant department for medical treatment.

Second, the correct oral cleaning

  1. Cleaning time, methods and tools are very important. Can reduce tooth decay, plaque accumulation, and correct use of dental cleaning tools, the outermost protective layer of teeth is not easy to be damaged and cause tooth sensitivity.
  2. It is recommended that the brush head of the toothbrush is not too large, but the brush head is too large but it can not clean the teeth one by one. The bristles of the toothbrush should not be too hard, and brushing should be done by massaging instead of “sawing” the teeth. Finally, dental floss and interdental brushes should be used instead of toothpicks.
  3. At least use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth more than twice a day, every time you brush your teeth for more than two minutes, and use dental floss carefully at least once a day.
  4. If you are worried that after drinking soda or acidic beverages, the acidification of the teeth will be greater, you can drink water or gargle first to reduce the acidity of the mouth.

Recently, the National Oral Health website of the American Dental Association pointed out: Brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after eating and drinking, especially acidic food drinks and soda drinks. While waiting for these 30 minutes, you can drink water or rinse your mouth first to clean your oral environment.

  1. Fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash are helpful for oral cleaning and play an auxiliary role.
  2. Life behavior adjustment
  3. Food

Reduce acidic, sweet, and bubble food intake: fruit juices, vinegar, grapefruit, citrus, soda, sports drinks, etc.

Reduce hard, fiber-rich foods: chewing sugar cane, biting bones, chewing ice cubes, etc.

  1. Protective dental tray

If there is a person grinding teeth at night, you can seek the assistance of a doctor, whether you need to use a protective dental tray at night to reduce enamel damage.

  1. Be careful with commercially available products

Whitening-related products on the market, as well as corrected dental trays and patches that have not been evaluated by professional stomatologists, should be very careful. Improper use can cause tooth damage, which in turn can cause tooth sensitivity.

In addition, it is recommended that anti-sensitive toothpaste and related anti-sensitive products must be discussed with a doctor to clarify the cause of tooth sensitivity before they are considered for use. If there is no symptomatic medicine, even if you use more anti-sensitive products, the effect is not obvious.

To sum up, the sensitivity of dentin may be caused by many teeth-related problems and diseases, which show the symptoms of “dentin sensitivity”. We must not ignore it, thinking that all tooth sensitivity is classified as dentin sensitivity, while ignoring other dental diseases. Even the ostrich mentality buys anti-inflammatory drugs on its own, thinking that taking medicine can improve it.

There are a wide range of anti-tooth sensitivity related products on the market, which can be achieved by using DIY if you buy it yourself. It is highly recommended that you still need to find a professional dentist to help you diagnose and evaluate, and find the true cause of tooth sensitivity.

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