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Safety Concerns of Fluorine

  1. It’s unnecessary for children to apply fluorine. Wipe the primary teeth with gauze?

It is not enough to clean the baby’s primary teeth with gauze. Applying fluoride can strengthen the calcification intensity of teeth, effectively prevent tooth decay, plus brushing teeth clean, the two pronged approach is the king. However, many parents think that “permanent teeth will grow out after primary tooth decay” and that it is unnecessary to apply fluoride or have doubts about the safety of fluoride.

The proportion of children’s tooth decay is quite high. Children should carefully clean their teeth after they grow primary teeth. However, cleaning their teeth with gauze is of limited benefit. In addition, children’s tooth calcification intensity is not enough, and the tooth decay rate is very fast. It takes time for them to learn to brush their teeth correctly. Applying fluoride can make children’s teeth more secure.

The synthesis of calcium fluoride from fluoride and calcium can strengthen the tooth structure of young children, which has certain effect on preventing tooth decay, but the basic cleaning still needs to be done well.

  1. Does fluoride swallowing during pregnancy help prevent tooth decay in newborns?

In order to prevent tooth decay in the newborn, we still have to rely on the correct cleaning habits of the baby after birth.

It is said on the Internet that “pregnant women start to eat fluoride tablets after pregnancy, which can improve the tooth quality of the fetus in the abdomen, and children will not have cavities.” Moderate intake of fluoride during pregnancy can help pregnant women prevent tooth decay, and then pass good tooth quality to children. However, to prevent tooth decay of newborn children, it needs to rely on the teeth cleaning after birth, instead of pregnant women eating fluoride ingots, and children will not have tooth decay.

No matter whether you take fluorine ingot or not during pregnancy, if you drink mother’s milk or formula milk after birth, you can also get cavities as long as you neglect the cleaning of teeth. Especially after drinking the pre sleep milk, the parents seldom clean the mouth for the children and directly coax the children to sleep. The deciduous teeth are easy to get cavities due to acid food.

  1. Is fluoride toothpaste not natural, or is it better to use fluoride free toothpaste?

Fluoride toothpaste is recognized by the World Health Organization as the most economical, safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay. In recent years, driven by the pursuit of “natural” atmosphere, fluoride free toothpaste is more and more popular on the market. Many people think that the chemical products added with fluoride are harmful to human body.

Whether the toothpaste contains fluorine or not is not the only key to prevent tooth decay. In fact, tooth decay is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, which is related to the length of time that food residues stay in the mouth. If the teeth can be cleaned timely and thoroughly, the probability of tooth decay will be greatly reduced, and the combination of fluoride toothpaste can effectively prevent tooth decay.

Most people don’t think that tooth decay is a disease, and even some people brush their teeth in the wrong way for many years. If combined with the use of fluoride free toothpaste, the situation of tooth decay will only be more serious.

  1. Is it easy to fracture when taking fluorine ingot for a long time? Even lead to fluorosis?

There is no evidence that there is an absolute relationship between long-term use of fipronil and cancer, heart disease, fracture, allergy, etc., but it should still be used according to the recommended dose.

Fluorine can be supplemented by applying fluorine, taking fluorine ingots, or using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. Some European and American countries even directly add fluorine to drinking water. However, in addition to the high concentration of fluorine applied in clinics, other fluorine-containing doses are not high, and the human body can metabolize naturally.

However, there are rumors on the Internet that excessive fluoride may lead to fluorosis, such as drinking fluoride containing water in foreign countries, coating fluoride on teeth, eating fluoride ingots along with it, or children swallowing fluoride toothpaste, which eventually leads to fluorosis. The probability of this phenomenon is very low, and the public need not worry too much. However, if children eat a large number of fluoride toothpaste by mistake, resulting in nausea and vomiting, they can drink milk to neutralize calcium and fluoride and then excrete.

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