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3Pcs Dental NITI Endodontic Root Canal File Reamers X1, X2, X3, 21mm for Engine Use

$33.99 $9.99

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This instrument is used for endodontic treatment to shape and clean the root canal system.

-100% brand new high quality
-Material: M-wire nickel titanium
-Function: root canal repair
-Model: X1, X2, X3
-Length: 21mm
-Cone: 04, 06, 07
-Torque: 3.0~4.0N.cm
-Recommended speed: 300prm

With the help of a motor, prepare the middle and upper part of the root canal with SX, #10, #15 K files to unblock the root canal, prepare the root canal in the order of X1-X3, until X3 reaches the working length.

*It can be used in complex cases, making it possible to prepare more severely curved and narrow root canals.
* Very good safety, significantly reducing the risk of instrument separation, and better maintaining the original anatomical shape of the root canal.
*Unique rotation improves the forming efficiency of the equipment, shortens the forming time and improves the cutting efficiency.
* Greater strength increases the area for removing debris, and the instrument has a better center positioning ability in the root canal.
*M-wire nickel-titanium metal is used to improve the flexibility of the equipment and the resistance to cyclic fatigue, elasticity, strength and wear resistance.

Packing list:
3 pcs/box (single number/mixed number)