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3Pcs 21mm Dental NITI Endodontic Root Canal File Reamers R25 R40 R50 for Engine Use

$33.99 $10.59

1000 in stock


The instrument is used for endodontic treatment to achieve the effect of shaping and cleaning the root canal system. It is suitable for most root canals and is easily identified by the color on the handle. Most cases require a file. It is suitable for the preparation of curved and narrow root canals.

-100% brand new high quality
-Material: M-wire nickel titanium
-Function: root canal repair
-Model: R25 R40 R50
-Length: 21mm
-Recommended speed: 150-350prm
-Packing size: 5.6*4.8*0.8cm
-Weight: 10g

1. Use 10#K file to dredge the root canal and rinse.
2. Use 15#K file to further dredge the root canal, rinse, and initially determine the working length of the root canal.
3. Adjust the motor to a special program for a single file, use 20# or 25# One File for preparation, use a slight force to move with a “pecking” technique, prepare two or three times, exit, rinse, and then continue down, Exit again until the root tip is prepared.

* Few working steps, efficient and time saving.
*The taper design makes it easier to remove the chipped chips, and the preparation efficiency is high.
*Round head design avoids steps, deviation, and side penetration.
*Special nickel-titanium material, can be pre-bent, the cross section is “S” line design, with good cutting performance.

Packing list:
3 pcs/box (single number/mixed number)