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Precautions for Wearing Retainer after Orthodontics

The day when the orthodontic patient’s braces fall off may be a day that should be celebrated all over the world for her, but this does not mean that your orthodontic work is over.

“At this time, wearing a retainer is a key part of ensuring treatment.” This is because once the braces are removed, it is impossible for the teeth to stay in the new place by themselves. It takes time for the bones, ligaments, and tissues in the mouth to adapt to the occlusion in the new location, so a retainer is very important to ensure that your teeth do not return to their original position.

But sometimes the retainer will not be suitable for a long time. What is the reason?

Deformed retainer

First, there is some deformation of the retainer, which is more common in transparent plastic retainers. Drinking hot beverages, running or chewing under hot or boiling water (patient or pet) will deform the plastic, and any type of damage or warping will Make the holder no longer fit.

Traditional archwires and acrylic holders can also be deformed. This is usually due to improper removal, causing it not to fit the way the surrounding teeth should. Sitting on it, accidentally stepping on it, or playing with bowwire can damage it.

Caused by patient’s tooth movement

This is one of the main reasons why retainers are no longer suitable, but they are certainly not the primary reason. When patients mentioned that their braces were strangely embedded in their mouths, Xiaoya always asked if they wore it as I asked, most of the time the answer was no.

If you don’t wear braces as required by your orthodontist, especially during the first few months after your braces fall out, you may find your teeth are starting to loosen a bit. So when you put the braces in, the braces are not suitable for your teeth, because your teeth are no longer in the original position.

You may need to wear braces for 24 hours, and your best friend only needs to wear them at night. This doesn’t mean you can change your braces to match your friends-it means your orthodontist has a plan based on your needs and you have to follow it.

As long as you keep it in strict accordance with your dentist’s procedures, you can keep your beautiful smile for many years.

So in order to keep the beautiful smile you strive for, it is important to wear the retainer correctly.

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