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Periodontal Disease during the Long Holiday?

Periodontal disease often occurs in the middle-aged and middle-aged population over 35 years old, with gingivitis and chronic periodontitis in the majority, and periodontal abscess (long abscess) in the most common emergency.

When brushing your teeth, if you find that your gums are swollen or bleeding, don’t think it’s “inflamed” and don’t care. It may be a sign of periodontal disease. With the deterioration of periodontal disease, there may be gingival atrophy, gaping, bad breath, even teeth shaking and so on. In the early stage of periodontal disease, inflammation of gingiva or bleeding of brushing teeth are the manifestations. When the disease is serious, it will cause alveolar bone atrophy and tooth loosening.

Periodontal disease is like foundation failure. Although there is no problem with the main body of the building, it is still shaking and may collapse at any time due to the continuous loss of earth and stone. These foundations are actually periodontal tissues, including gingiva, alveolar bone, chalkiness and periodontal ligament. According to the research, the proportion of Chinese people suffering from periodontal disease is as high as 70-90%, of which 40% need professional periodontal specialist for diagnosis and treatment, while the situation of Chinese people’s medical treatment is less than 5%, so we should not be careless.

Periodontal diseases are mainly divided into two categories

First, gingivitis: the main symptoms are confined to gingival tissue, and gingival redness, swelling, dull pain and bleeding are common symptoms.

Second, periodontitis: in addition to the above-mentioned symptoms of gingivitis, it will further invade the alveolar bone and periodontal ligament under the gum. Once the alveolar bone and periodontal ligament are destroyed and disintegrated, of course, the teeth will start to loosen and the bite will become weak. There is peeling between the gum and teeth, forming a pouch. After eating, the small food residues are easy to fall into the pouch, which is used by the long bacteria in the pouch to ferment and overflow the halitosis. In serious cases, abscesses and fever sometimes occur.

Symptoms of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a chronic disease, the general clinical symptoms are not obvious, unless the acute inflammation causes swelling and pain or through the regular examination of teeth, it can be diagnosed, so usually there are no obvious symptoms, so it is easy to be ignored, so periodontal disease is the invisible killer of teeth.

Be careful with the following periodontal conditions:

  • gums are inflamed, swollen and even bleeding;
  • tooth displacement and gap enlargement;
  • the gums shrink and the teeth look longer;
  • plaque and calculus accumulation;
  • peeling phenomenon between gingiva and teeth;
  • the teeth are sore or weak when chewing.

What will happen if periodontal disease is not treated

At the beginning of periodontal disease, there will be no obvious signs, and you will often ignore the damage caused by it. When these bacteria that cause periodontal disease multiply in large numbers, they will start to cause gingival pain, and when it is serious, they will fester and produce halitosis. After a few years, the bone attached to the teeth will be lost, the teeth will start to shake and move, the gap will become larger, the teeth will look longer, and finally the teeth will fall off one by one.

Many people think that people will lose their teeth when they are old, so it is regarded as a natural phenomenon for middle-aged and old people to lose their teeth, but in fact, it is usually caused by periodontal disease. If oral care is appropriate, old people can keep their teeth.

Treatment of periodontal disease

The earlier periodontal treatment begins, the better! Periodontal tissue is like the foundation, but the damage will not be reversible. If three points are lost, three points will be lost. All we can do is to stabilize the existing seven points, so that it will not continue to deteriorate.

Therefore, prevention is more important than treatment. The earlier you start periodontal treatment, the earlier you can keep the intact periodontal tissue. Early detection, early treatment is the golden rule of periodontal treatment.

Periodontal disease needs long-term Anti Japanese war. In addition to the treatment of dentists, the most important thing is the patient’s persistent cooperation.

Because periodontal treatment sometimes causes discomfort after several days of operation, and requires multiple visits, some people give up. Whether periodontal treatment is successful or not, three doctors, seven patients, the relationship between doctors and patients is like that of teammates. We need to work together to create a high standard clean oral environment and reduce the possibility of plaque proliferation.

Basic treatment of periodontal disease

First of all, remove the calculus on the surface of teeth, just like most people have done “tooth washing”.

If the root is infected, “root leveling” is needed. The doctor will use tools to penetrate into the bottom of the gingival inflammation, scrape off the dirt attached to the root surface, make the root surface clean, and facilitate the healing of periodontal tissue.

At this stage, some treatment may be assisted, including subgingival irrigation, plaque bacteriostasis gel, denture crown edge shaping, occlusal adjustment, periodontal laser and so on.

This stage of treatment may take 2-3 months to observe the improvement of gingiva after treatment, and then to assess whether periodontal surgery is necessary.

The basic treatment of periodontal disease can solve the mild to moderate periodontal disease, and root planing is the treatment of health insurance benefits.

Most of the patients after this stage of treatment, periodontitis will be significantly improved. If you have symptoms of suspected periodontal disease, it is recommended to go to the examination and treatment as soon as possible.

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