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Oral Health is Closely Related to Overall Health

A clean tooth and gum can not only leave a beautiful impression, but also an obvious representation of the whole body health.

Most people know that regular dental cleaning can reduce calculus, plaque, tooth decay, gingivitis and bone loss. “Patients with periodontal disease are three times more likely to have myocardial infarction and stroke than the general population,” according to the American Society of periodontal medicine. If diabetic patients have severe periodontal disease at the same time, their blood sugar may be more difficult to control; if pregnant women have serious periodontal disease, the probability of abortion or newborn weight is 7-10 times higher than that of general people with good oral health. Periodontal disease has been listed as a systemic disease in the United States, and has been included in the focus of general health education.

According to the observation of stomatologists, periodontal disease is not only a simple oral disease, but also an aggressive periodontal disease with familial inheritance. This kind of periodontal disease is usually that the family has no antibody to a certain disease strain. If the teeth are not in the same order, the probability of periodontal disease will be greatly increased.

According to the American Society of periodontists, regular visits to dentists and dental washes can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 24%, the risk of heart attack by stroke by 13% compared with those who do not wash their teeth, and the risk of tooth loss by diabetes. Specifically, the relationship between teeth and health is as follows:

  1. Teeth and heart: the treatment of periodontal disease can promote the function of inner wall cells of blood vessels, reduce the chance of plaque becoming inner wall plaque of blood vessels. Inner wall plaque of blood vessels is an important cause of heart disease and heart attack.
  2. Teeth and pregnant women: due to the increased secretion of estrogen and progesterone, pregnant women are prone to periodontal disease, gum swelling, bleeding or pain. Several studies have found that pregnant women with periodontal disease are prone to premature delivery and lack of weight. Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant women with poor oral environment should check their teeth regularly in the middle of pregnancy (4-6 months).


  1. Teeth and diabetes: not only diabetes can aggravate gum disease, but also periodontal disease can cause inflammation, disturb insulin, and make it unable to be absorbed by the body, which is a major cause of type 2 diabetes.

Brush your teeth half an hour after eating. If you can’t do it, brush your teeth or floss before you get up in the morning and go to bed at night. Usually, eat less food rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Keep your mouth clean, and your body will be healthier.

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