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Oral Equipment

Oral equipment refers to a variety of small portable tools designed for use in stomatology, and is known internationally as dental instruments. Dental instruments include dental handpieces, dental handpiece sterilizers, dental extraction forceps, dental stiffeners, dental excavators and other surgical instruments, manual dental appliances, dental rotary appliances, dental syringes, root canals

Dental equipment refers to small portable tools used in dentistry. It is internationally known as dental instruments, including dental handpieces, oral handpiece sterilizers.


Dental equipment is an integral part of medical technology equipment. Called dental equipment internationally, it refers to various equipment, machines, instruments and accessories specially produced and / or provided to qualified personnel for use in clinical dentistry and / or related operations.

The electrical safety requirements of oral equipment comply with the mandatory national standards of GB 9706.1-2007 “Medical Electrical Equipment Part 1: General Safety Requirements”.

In addition, the dental treatment machine must also implement the electrical safety requirements in the industry standard of YY / T 1043-2004 (ISO 7494: 1996, DDT) “Dental treatment machine” (implemented on September 1, 2005). Dental patient chair implementation YY / T 0058-2004 (ISO 6875: 1995, IDT) “Dental Therapy Machine” (implemented on September 1, 2005) requires electrical safety in industry standards.


The classification of oral equipment is based on the Dental Materials Equipment Network as an example. According to the “nature”, it is divided into two categories: public equipment and specialized equipment. The latter also includes oral medicine, dental surgery, dental restoration, orthodontics equipment.

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