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It’s not just about Wearing a Hoop

“Teenagers are in the period of psychological sensitivity. Tooth deformity is not only easy to cause children’s psychological inferiority, social barriers, but also lead to failure to clean their teeth in place, leading to gingivitis, periodontitis and other oral diseases. Abnormal occlusion will also affect the child’s chewing and digestion of food, as well as the absorption of nutrition. ”

Therefore, parents should take the children who need to be corrected to a certain level of specialized oral hospital in time, especially the teenagers who live in a certain place. Otherwise, in adulthood, only with the operation can the ideal correction effect be achieved.

For most teenagers, 7-18 is the best age for orthodontics. Later, the cost and difficulty of correction will increase with age. During the summer vacation, because it does not affect learning, it is generally an ideal time to correct teeth.

Experienced orthodontists will consider the development trend of children’s face shape in the future

However, because teenagers are in the period of growth and development, orthodontics is different from adults.

First of all, orthodontics is a very professional work. It must be a professional orthodontist with rich clinical experience.

“A good orthodontist should not only master the strength of Orthodontics and straighten the teeth, but also find out the causes of malocclusion. Only by finding out the causes and treating the symptoms, can he completely correct the teeth.” When teenagers straighten their teeth, it’s better for both parents to accompany them. Experienced doctors will communicate with their parents to understand the causes of malocclusion and correct it according to the causes.

For example, some children’s malocclusion is related to the tension of the muscles around the mouth. During the correction, the doctor will carry out some muscle training for the children, so as to achieve a better correction effect. For another example, doctors will predict the expected effect of children’s correction in advance according to their parents’ mouth and face shape, and communicate fully with their parents before correction.

When orthodontists with rich experience correct teeth for teenagers, they will also consider the development trend of children’s face shape in the future, and make appropriate correction, so as to fill the shortcomings of children’s face shape by correcting teeth, and make children’s face become more ideal.

But if the doctors don’t have rich clinical experience in orthodontics, they may not notice these problems, and put a hoop on the child casually, the effect can be imagined.

In the daily treatment, bud can often meet some teenagers who have corrected their teeth in other medical institutions, but the result is rebounding. Some of these rebound cases are related to the orthodontic experience of doctors, some are related to the children’s failure to follow the doctor’s instructions to wear retainers, and the failure to change bad habits. In addition, there are also some cases of rebound, which are related to improper selection of orthotics, lack of professional CT data support, lack of oral digital scanning support, computer software design, correction scheme, etc.

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