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It is Very Important to Know Periodontal Pouch for General Health

After your first extraction, you may be surprised how long your teeth can stay under your gums. The fact is that the intersection of gums and teeth is not actually where they attach. Instead, they attach to a lower part, a part you can’t see. This creates a small pouch – a periodontal pouch. Read the following article to understand how important it is to your overall health.

There are two changes in the size of this pouch:

  1. Because of inflammation, the flap at the top of the pouch will become larger.
  2. At the bottom of the periodontal pouch is the ligament connecting the gingiva and the teeth. These ligaments are swallowed by the enzyme produced when the body feels attacked. This enzyme is called collagenase, which makes the pouch deeper.

Bags can get deeper from top to bottom – no matter what happens, it’s not good for your health, which is the main reason for an important health indicator.

Take good care of your teeth and clean them regularly so that your pouches don’t deepen. You can have your dentist hold a mirror so that you can see the dentist and measure your bag.

Remember, when you look after your teeth, you look after your body as well. A study shows that you can actually brush your teeth to eliminate strokes, avoid heart attacks, and that caring about your teeth can help you avoid Alzheimer’s.

In short, taking good care of your teeth is the cheapest way to keep your gums healthy so far. This prevents the buildup of plaque and tartar, and prevents your pockets from bulging. Seeing your plaque means that you always know where to spend some extra time brushing your teeth. You can rest assured that every time you brush your teeth, you are clearing as much plaque as possible.

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