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Is Toothache Really Because Of Teeth?

“Doctor Wu, it hurts on my side!” Pharaoh told me with a sad expression on his left cheek.

“Come and come, I’ll check it for you. Don’t go to work today?”

Lao Wang is an employee of a training institution. He looks fat and has a heavy heart. Every time he comes, he smells like smoke.

“If I take a special leave, I work overtime every day to catch up with work. How can I have time for vacation?”

“I feel you are under a lot of pressure! Do you smoke too much?”

“Yeah, it’s almost a pack a day. I can’t finish the work every day, so I come home late at night.”

“I feel like you are under a lot of pressure!”

“Yes! I don’t know what happened these days. The left chin is faintly painful. It often hurts here!” Lao Wang pointed to the left heart mouth.

“I ’ll take a look at the mouth first, but I think I have time to look after my heart?”


“Yes, some tooth pain does not necessarily come from teeth. For example, if there is a problem with the heart, the heart will project the pain into the tooth area, making us think that it is a tooth pain.” Lao Wang was greatly surprised …

Some patients will feel toothache when they go to the stomatologist for help. As for the sources of toothache, there are at least more than 10 types, and each type is a big issue. You can talk about it for a day or even a semester.

Odontogenic pain

  1. The problem of the tooth itself causes painful tooth decay, which is so severe that the pulp infection is inflamed.
  2. Pain in periodontal related problems.
  3. Pain caused by occlusion problems.
  4. Cracked teeth.
  5. Trauma, etc.

Non-odontogenic pain

It is not the pain caused by the problem of the tooth itself, but the disease or infection in other parts of the body, and the wrong route to convey the feeling of pain. Let us mistakenly think that it is toothache, but it is actually a problem elsewhere in the body.

Of course, there have been many studies to explain this phenomenon, but for patients, we should pay more attention to the problem of toothache. We not only focus on the teeth, but also focus on other parts of the body. Go to, consult a physician with relevant questions and evaluate.


  1. Pain caused by diseases related to the temporomandibular joint.
  2. Pain caused by changes in the trigeminal nerve.
  3. Migraine or headache.
  4. Pain caused by infection of the sinuses or paranasal sinuses.
  5. Pain caused by heart problems.

Toothache really kills people

Pain is a warning sign that our body defends itself, and it must not be ignored. When we encounter toothache, we don’t need to be too scared. We can face toothache with a more open attitude.

Remember that when you start to have symptoms, you need to find a professional doctor to evaluate it. Do n’t think that it ’s okay, you do n’t have enough sleep and ignore the preliminary warning of pain. If it is ignored by the warnings given to us by other.

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