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Is It Okay to Puncture the Pustules?

Doctor, I will not be uncomfortable, that is, repeatedly covering my gums with pus! Can I just take anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics?

Doctor, the pustules on my teeth, will I eliminate myself if I do n’t take care of him or treat them?

Doctor, I have a pimple on my face. It is not good to see a lot of dermatology. The dermatologist recommends to come to you.

Have you ever heard: ﹝ The teeth pack is not enough. Does the recipe teach people to apply salt to the teeth? ﹞

Do you have the above troubles and doubts? For pustules on the gums, do not underestimate, nor do you want to take care of yourself.

Pustules don’t pierce yourself

It is absolutely necessary to stop taking sharp objects and piercing pustules yourself. Not only is the wound prone to infection, but even if you puncture it yourself, as long as the root cause is not resolved, it will repeatedly grow out of the pus. Only after the diagnosis and treatment by the stomatologist can the doctor decide whether the pustule of the gum is to be pierced.

What is the pustule on the gums?

Gingival pustule is an opening of a channel (we call it: sinus tract), and this opening can be on the gums in the oral cavity or outside the oral cavity (that is, on the skin around the face).

Sinus tract, it is a path, channel, connecting the closed infection area <abscess> and the epithelial surface. However, the opening of this passage may be inside or outside the mouth, and is a hole for pressure discharge.

It usually disappears with the treatment of dental pulp and root canal treatment to eliminate the pathogenic factors.

If you do not receive treatment, it is unlikely that the tooth pack will disappear on its own. Maybe your immunity was good enough at that time, or if you took antibiotics prescribed by a doctor, maybe it will be temporarily eliminated, but the one is only temporary, and the pustule will grow again; and it will deteriorate with time, and the success rate will be Lower.

Another related question: I often have a pustule repeatedly on my wisdom teeth, and I often bite it. What is this?

A: This is more likely to occur on partially germinated impacted wisdom teeth; it is often referred to as “pericoronitis”.

Causes of inflammation around the crown

Because part of the crown of the germinated wisdom tooth will be partially covered by the gum; however, between this partially covered gum and the crown, a periodontal pocket is formed.

And this periodontal pocket is easy to hide dirt, food debris and bacteria accumulation; plus this place is usually not easy to clean, which leads to inflammation and swelling of the gums, and even the growth of pustules, serious cases may spread the infection and cause life-threatening honeycomb Tissue inflammation.

However, because the gums on the crown are swollen, the teeth on the opposite side are easy to bite, and the vicious cycle makes the inflammation here more severe and the situation worsens.

Countermeasure: In addition to the principles of oral cleaning, the use of single-brush toothbrushes is a must for this area. In addition, it is the most wise choice to remove such impacted wisdom teeth that do not grow but hinder the self-cleaning of the oral cavity.

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