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How to Wear N95 Face Masks Correctly?

  1. Face the side of the mask without the nose clip so that the nose clip is above the N95 mask. Hold the mask on your face by hand and hold it against your chin.
  2. Pull the upper headband over the top of the head and place it over the top of the head.
  3. Pull the lower headband over the top of the head and place it under the ear behind the neck.
  4. Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the metal nose clip and move the fingertips along the sides of the nose clip while pressing inwards until the nose clip is fully pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose. Pinching the mask nose clip with only one hand may affect the tightness of the mask.
  5. The user must check the tightness of the mask and face:
  6. Cover the mask with both hands to avoid affecting the position of the mask on the face;
  7. Inhale quickly. If air leaks from the bridge of the nose, the nose clip should be readjusted according to step 4; if air leaks from the edge of the mask, the headband should be readjusted; c. If no leakage is felt, it is well worn.
  8. Respiratory valve tips

The function of the breathing valve: In a working environment with damp heat or poor ventilation or a lot of labor, using a mask with a breathing valve can help you feel more comfortable when exhaling. The function principle of the breathing valve is that the positive pressure of the exhaust gas during exhalation blows off the valve sheet to quickly remove the exhaust gas in the body, reducing the sultry feeling when using the mask, and the negative pressure during inhalation will automatically close the valve to avoid inhalation Pollutants entering the external environment.

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