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How to Use Dental Scalers?

Many people usually do not pay attention to the cleaning of teeth. For example, they do not brush their teeth regularly, or they brush their teeth incorrectly. These bad habits will cause dirt to appear in the tooth space, or some food residues, and then oral hygiene is prone to problems. It ’s time to wash your teeth. It is recommended that you go to a regular hospital to wash your teeth. Some people like to wash their teeth with a dental scaler. Here is how to use the dental scaler properly.
1. What is a dental scaler?
The dental scaler is a type of oral cleaning tool specifically for cleaning the teeth. It uses the impact of a high-speed water jet sprayed under a certain pressure to clean the teeth. It is easier to operate than dental floss, and it has gradually become an essential sanitary product for home bathrooms in many developed countries in Europe and the United States.
2. Is a dental scale really necessary?
This first mentions how important interdental cleaning is. Many people’s teeth are very clean, but cavities will still grow between the teeth. The reason is very simple. Food is stuck in the teeth and not cleaned up in time. . The data from a group of winning studies also showed that the dental caries rate of interdental caries was 49% higher than that of adjacent caries among adults, while the occlusal caries rate was 24%. In other words, the probability of adult worm teeth growing in the teeth between the teeth is 2-3 times higher than the occlusal surface of the teeth.
Therefore, when many people cannot use dental floss, but the interdental cleaning cannot be ignored, the dental scaler is an ideal substitute for dental floss, which can effectively remove plaque and food residues in the interdental space. It is necessary.
At present, the dental scales on the market are mainly wired and wireless versions. Considering daily life, travel, and business trips, a wireless dental scaler is selected to introduce to everyone.
Simple steps to clean your teeth easily
The use steps are also relatively simple. It is preferred to add an appropriate amount of water or mouthwash to the built-in water tank, place the tip of the nozzle along the gum line, close the lips and press the button to start cleaning. Moreover, the capacity of the water storage tank is quite OK, there is no problem to cope with each cleaning, there is no need to bring a variety of bottles and jars when going out, and small body storage is also convenient.
Tooth tartar formation takes a period of at least six months to one year. According to oral hygiene habits, if you use good brushing habits and methods, there may be no tartar or it takes a long time to wash the second tooth. (For people with more tartar, wash Tooth inevitably damages the gums. Frequent washing of the teeth can easily damage the periodontal teeth. Washing teeth is a treatment, not a health care measure. It is aimed at “periodontal disease.” If any doctor asks to wash his teeth a week, Then advise not to go to him anymore, either the quack doctor or the unscrupulous conscience makes money.

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