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How to Identify If You Need to Straighten Your Teeth?

Many people regard neat and white teeth as an indicator of health and beauty. If your teeth are not neat, it is normal to consider orthodontics for reasons of appearance and oral hygiene. But how do you know that orthodontics can actually improve your dental health? If you think you need orthodontics, what should you do? In order to answer the above questions, you can take the following steps to assess whether you need braces.

  1. Check your teeth; 2. Pay attention to other symptoms; 3. Consider orthodontic treatment; 4. Seek professional assistance.
  2. Check your teeth

Find out crowded or crooked teeth. These are collectively called malocclusion, including clearly crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, teeth that are more protruding than the surrounding teeth… The causes of the above problems are all overcrowded teeth. To determine if your teeth are crowded, you can use dental floss for an initial assessment. If the floss is difficult to slip between the teeth, your teeth may be too tight.

Understand how malocclusion affects your life

Overcrowded teeth may make it difficult for dentists to clean their teeth. The dirt accumulated on the teeth may cause abnormal enamel wear, tooth decay, tooth necrosis, gum disease…At the same time, people with crowded teeth are also prone to gingivitis or periodontitis. Many factors can also cause crooked or crowded teeth. For example, some people’s mouths are too small to hold all the teeth, causing the teeth to shift or cluster together. The growth of wisdom teeth will also make the teeth more crowded. Due to the weak root support of the front teeth, the front teeth may be pushed forward by the wisdom teeth.

Find teeth that are too far apart

Crowding is not the only situation that causes problems. If you lack teeth, the ratio of teeth is too small, or the gap between the teeth is too large, it will also impair your bite or speech function. Too much distance between teeth is also one of the common problems to be dealt with.

Check your bite

Your teeth should come together when you bite. If there is a large space between your upper and lower teeth, or if the upper or lower teeth are prominently protruding, you may need to use braces to correct occlusion problems. You can check your bite through the following table:

Overbite-Overbite: The upper row of teeth covers the lower row of teeth during bite, and its coverage covers more than half of the surface of the lower row of teeth.

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