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How to Eat Nutrition for the Braces?

People with braces can’t eat too hard or too sticky food, but if they only eat specific food in order to save trouble, it’s easy to have uneven nutrition, which may affect the development of children and teenagers. It’s suggested to eat a balanced diet, and the hard food can be cut into small pieces for chewing; the teeth may be soft and sour just wearing braces, which can supplement soft and tender food such as tofu, and supplement vitamins B and C to increase repair.

At present, children and adolescents are the main orthodontic teeth, which may lose 2-3kg at the initial stage of maladjustment, but the weight should be recovered within 3 months. It is suggested that the braces should adjust their diet and balanced nutrition intake. In addition, the probability of decalcification and gingivitis is high during the period of orthodontic treatment. It is recommended to focus on three meals, clean teeth carefully after meals and eat less snacks.

[do this] can be cut into pieces and chewed slowly

bites hard food such as guava and apple, which is easy to damage the orthotic appliance, completely avoids eating fruit and is easy to lack of vitamin B and C. It is more difficult to heal if the mouth is broken. It is suggested to cut the fruit into small pieces, then put it into the mouth and slowly crush it, or make it into juice for drinking.

Eating tofu with tartaric acid

Just after wearing the braces or the back diagnosis and adjustment appliance, if the teeth are too soft to eat, they can only eat some warm and cool food, but most people choose pudding, jelly, etc., which can only absorb calories and sugar. It is recommended to choose tofu, eggs, etc., from which protein can also be supplemented.

Few snacks outside the meal

It is necessary to use toothbrush, cusp brush and floss to clean teeth completely after each meal. It will take at least 10 minutes for those who are familiar with the complete cleaning steps. It is suggested that they should not eat snacks outside three meals and focus on eating time.

[remind you] decalcification is about 10%

About 1% of the cases had decalcium on the surface of teeth due to neglect of tooth cleaning, which resulted in yellow and white patches and serious tooth decay. After tooth cleaning, drop a few drops of plaque display agent on the tooth surface. If there is plaque, it will show red plaque, and then strengthen cleaning for these parts.

Regular return visit

The people may not be able to detect the deformation of the correction line caused by eating, so it is very important to return to the doctor regularly, so that the doctor can adjust the correction device to avoid affecting the correction effect; in addition, if the decalcification of teeth can be found early, it can also be remedied before it becomes cavities.

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