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How to Disinfect N95 Masks?

With the severity of the epidemic, our demand for masks has greatly exceeded the total amount of domestic production, but we have to go out and bring our own health protection, then the reuse of masks has become our requirement. So how to disinfect the N95 mask can protect our safety and protect the protective effect of the mask. Let me tell you how to disinfect the mask.

  1. Bake at high temperature. This method greatly preserves the integrity of the mask and can maximize the protection of the mask.
  2. Sterilize in a disinfection cabinet. This method is also feasible, because the disinfection cabinet can eliminate most viruses without damaging the mask.
  3. There is another kind of anti-virus of ultraviolet rays. This method will destroy the internal structure of certain masks, but it can be reused in the environment where the masks are scarce.
  4. There is also alcohol spray, but this method will greatly damage the structure. If the external mask with waterproof function may still have a certain effect, this is experimentally proven. You can choose whether to use this method according to your own requirements. After all, this method can be easily done by everyone.
  5. Summary

Bake at high temperature.

Sterilize with a disinfection cabinet.

UV disinfection.

Alcohol spray.

Tips: Washing is useless, completely destroying the structure of the mask. There is also microwave oven sterilization, which is also not recommended, because the mask has a metal component, which may explode during heating.

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