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How to Disinfect Indoors during Covid-19?

When disinfecting indoors, some basic problems cannot be ignored, including disinfection methods, important measures, and infection measures. However, for many people, there is no suitable method, and the disinfection process often encounters many problems. Therefore, everyone should pay special attention to indoor disinfection, understand some correct prevention methods, and master specific measures to prevent Covid-19 infections.
How to disinfect indoor?
To maintain freshness during indoor disinfection, use 1% to 3% bleach powder for cleaning, use 100 to 150 grams of vinegar, or natural ultraviolet light.
1. Air cleaning method
To keep the indoor air fresh, the windows must be opened, ventilated and ventilated. Each time the windows are opened for 10 to 30 minutes, the air is circulated, and the bacteria are excluded from the outdoor.
2. Disinfection method of bleaching powder
Bleach powder can inactivate enzymes in bacteria and cause them to die. Available 1% to 3% bleaching powder supernatant for scrubbing tables, chairs, ground.
3. Alcohol and vinegar
The acetic acid of the household vinegar clock has a certain sterilization ability, and the room is closed when disinfecting the room. In a room of 10 square meters, you can use 100 to 150 grams of vinegar, dilute it with water twice, put it in a bowl and steam it with a simmer. Close the doors and windows when smoking, so that the indoor air can be disinfected.
4. Natural outside, clean air
The ultraviolet light is the sun and sunlight, but the sterilization effect can not be ignored. Exposure for 6h can remove mites and reduce bacterial reproduction. Suitable for all clothing, plush toys, bedding, etc. It is also a good disinfection method to keep the indoor air clean and often ventilated and ventilated, especially in autumn and winter, because the cold ignores the ventilation. The disinfection lamp is a good way for indoor sterilization.
5. Bleaching powder and optical disinfectant
Bleach powder can inactivate bacterial enzymes and cause death. It is a very effective disinfection method. Use one to three percent concentration of bleach (bleach powder plus water) on the table, chair, bed, floor, wall, etc. and wipe it with a rag to achieve disinfection. The disinfectant contains chlorine, which can effectively disinfect and sterilize. After being directly diluted, it can be disinfected and sterilized in a plastic pot. Suitable for tables, chairs, beds, walls, floors, etc.

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