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Healthy Teeth are not Simply White

Do you know that healthy teeth are not white? On the contrary, a little yellow is healthy. Dentists say that if you take enough calcium after birth, your teeth will appear beige.

There is not only one color for teeth. The outer enamel is white and translucent, and the inner ivory is yellow and opaque. So when the two layers are added together, the color will show that the occlusal surface of teeth is white, but the closer to the neck, the more yellow it will be.

Having a healthy mouth is the most important thing

What makes people pursue white? Teeth are related to the feelings brought by our external image. When we laugh or talk, if we show a yellow tooth or disordered tooth, it will give us a bad impression that this person does not like brushing his teeth, and is easy to be ridiculed.

So for the maintenance of personal image, tooth whitening and tooth correction, the dental technology has been very popular, so as to make yourself look beautiful! But oral health care is not the pursuit of whitening. To do a good job in oral health care is the basis and key to maintain health, because oral health not only affects people’s mastication function and pronunciation, but also has relations with cardiovascular diseases and digestive system diseases.

It’s the best way to keep your teeth healthy

The wrong way of oral health care will accelerate the damage of teeth. The following ways of protecting teeth are provided to you:

  1. Thoroughly clean the teeth seam when brushing

After eating, the food residue is easy to remain between the teeth or accumulate dirt on the tooth surface, but we always brush our teeth a few times, which is unable to completely remove the food residue and tooth dirt. The two keys to tooth decay are “bacteria” and “time”. As long as bacteria stay on the teeth for more than one day, they can form plaque to slowly destroy the teeth.

  1. Choose the appropriate cleaning products

There are so many kinds of cleaning products on the market that people are dazzled, but not all the functions are suitable for everyone to use, so you can choose cleaning products according to your teeth situation, and you can consult a dentist when you need them, so it won’t be white.

  1. Clean mouth after eating

If there is a chance to eat, it will increase the probability of food residue remaining in the teeth, so dentists suggest that you should clean your teeth properly after eating each time, and use it with floss in time to avoid excessive accumulation of residue and dirt.

But some people also say that brushing teeth immediately after meals is easy to cause damage to teeth, but in fact, as long as you remember to brush teeth at least 3 minutes after eating sour food, because teeth contact with acidic food, it will temporarily become soft. If you brush your teeth at this time, the enamel of your teeth will be brushed off, but it will cause permanent damage.

  1. Regular dental examination

Dentists suggest checking every six months, which is believed to be a very painful thing for people who are afraid of going to the dentist. However, regular dental examination can find out where their dental problems are at an early stage, and early treatment can not require more invasive treatment.

  1. Don’t use your teeth as a tool

Although the teeth are hard, they can’t bear to crush all the hard food. Moreover, some people will use them as bottle openers, which may cause cracks or fractures.

  1. Try to avoid acid diet

Tooth enamel, the outermost layer of tooth, has a killer, which is “acid”. In the process of tooth decay, bacteria stay on the teeth, use food residues to reproduce and grow and produce acid. Acid will slowly destroy the teeth into a hole, so the killer who causes tooth damage is strictly acid.

  1. Don’t drink too much red wine, coffee and tea

It’s not just the stain on the tooth surface that makes it look dirty, but the stain on the tooth will make more bacteria stick, which will indirectly lead to tooth decay.

  1. Do not over whiten teeth

When using tooth bleaching to whiten teeth, you should pay attention to that it will take away part of the pigment and calcium of teeth together, which will make the untreated cavities more serious; if you use whitening toothpaste to whiten teeth, you should pay attention to that some whitening toothpastes use coarse particles to rub teeth, which will damage the outer enamel and expose the Yellow dentin, so only It will get yellow. For sensitive teeth, gingivitis or enamel damage, the dentist will not recommend tooth whitening.

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