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Five Points of Oral Health and General Health

Since childhood, our teachers and parents have been telling us: “as soon as you finish your meal, you should brush your teeth immediately. When you brush your teeth, you should be careful.”. “I think that by doing this, my teeth will always be healthy. In fact, it’s a big mistake. It may even backfire! There are still many problems that we always think are not important, but they will bring serious consequences. Did you ever think that?

  1. If you brush your teeth carefully, there will be no cavities?

Many patients asked “obviously I brush my teeth very carefully. Why do I still have cavities?”? In fact, it’s not just brushing your teeth that can prevent cavities. Tooth decay refers to that bacteria causing tooth decay have sufficient time to decalcify and decay teeth under the appropriate acid environment, so whether the teeth are clean or not, bacteria breeding, acid-base value in the mouth and the length of time are all factors causing tooth decay!

  1. Should you brush your teeth immediately after dinner?

Bad stomach, acid reflux symptoms and acidophilic food, especially for friends whose teeth have been eroded or whose enamel thickness has become thin, try not to brush their teeth as soon as possible after meal, because the acid value in the mouth is usually below pH4, and the teeth will soften in such a high acid environment, so some scholars oppose brushing immediately after meal, so as to avoid the tooth surface from the toothbrush Face brush consumption.

In fact, you don’t need to worry about the general healthy teeth. If the teeth are not corroded by acid and the structure is intact, you should pay more attention to using soft toothbrush instead of hard toothbrush, and reduce the use of toothpaste. Because about 70% of the abrasive ingredients in toothpaste, the abrasive will speed up the tooth wear. In addition, it is considered that there are too many foaming agents in toothpaste. But for teeth with cavities or acid corrosion, it is recommended to rinse with water after meals. After the acid value in the mouth is close to neutral in about three to five minutes, saliva will naturally repair the surface of the teeth to make it hard again. At this time, brushing is the right way.

  1. Is dentition disorder natural?

There are often small patients in need of Orthodontics who complain in front of their parents at the first visit: “it’s you who make me look like this. The teeth are so violent and ugly! “Probably the most aggrieved is the patient’s mother, who always smiles and says to the child,” don’t worry, mom, please ask the dentist to help you make your teeth beautiful! “It’s really hard for parents. They often suffer from their children’s beautiful teeth!

The main causes of tooth alignment disorder are heredity, bad eating habits, mouth breathing, dysphagia, sucking fingers and so on. The genetic influence may only account for 10%, and the bad habits will lead to more obvious congenital problems. If parents really have to take any responsibility, it’s better to over protect their children’s teeth, let them eat too soft food, or take too many sweets that make calcium absorption difficult. In addition, they don’t pay attention to the children’s mouth breathing and abnormal swallowing habits, resulting in the abnormal use of tongue and cheek muscles, affecting the development of dental arch (long tooth bone), and eventually dentition The problem of irregularity. The cost of correction is not cheap. Parents who are able to afford it still have a chance to save it. Parents who are not able to afford it, are they going to have their children die?

Parents are strict with children and pay special attention to their manners. The most common requirement is to keep their mouth closed and keep their feet high. Although it is only a small requirement, it has a long-term impact on children’s health. Especially if the mouth is closed well, it is the best way to change the habit of mouth breathing. It not only has a good posture, but also greatly affects the growth and development of children.

Every child is a treasure in the hearts of parents. I hope that parents can guide their children to develop good living habits and make their children healthy.

  1. It doesn’t matter if one tooth is missing?

When there is a health problem, the body will often have symptoms, which may be pain or various discomfort, but many times the body will also show structural changes that are not easy to find. For example, a tooth is pulled out on the right side due to tooth decay. If a false tooth is not made, it will be inconvenient to eat. Instead, the left tooth will be used to chew food. After a long time, the bite plane of the tooth will start to shift to the left, and the head will gradually shift to the left. In order to maintain balance, the left shoulder will be raised, but the left pelvis will be downward for a long time Can cause scoliosis!

The human body will make various compensations for the structure of the body due to various reasons such as whether the posture is correct, whether the teeth fall off, whether the body is injured or not. When the spine is excessively bent or abnormal, the body organs responsible for the spine in question will produce diseases. Fortunately, when the body is sick, you can use drugs to treat it, you can adjust the pelvis, you can adjust the spine, and even you can adjust the head. But the most difficult thing is to adjust the teeth back to the position that best meets the needs of the human body. Because after tooth displacement, it is not only necessary to do a good denture or a good artificial tooth implant, but also need the dentist to move the teeth back to the original position, or to fill up the worn teeth. The project is much more complex than other medical work!

Teeth not only bear the heavy responsibility of chewing, but also help to support the face shape and auxiliary pronunciation. They are the most important sense organ of the body, and master the most important position feeling of the body (proprioception, for example, the position of all parts of the body can be felt when the eyes are closed). So we must take good care of the teeth. When the teeth fall off, we should reconstruct the teeth as soon as possible, so as not to cause more aftereffects

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