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Don’t Blindly Pursue “Fast, Good, Cheap” for Root Canal Treatment

“Can you hurry up? I’m in a hurry!”
” Why did it take so long when I came here last time?”
“I use a lot of equipment without them? These are expensive too! Wouldn’t it be better to prescribe medicine?”
“You say that patients are asking for fast, good, and cheap. Is this possible?”
This sentence has been often mentioned in all walks of life in recent years, not just in the medical field. Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment), the same dialogue is staged every day.
Be fast and be good enough: if you want to be fast and good at the same time, the third factor “be cheap” needs to be compromised.
Or if your tooth that needs root canal treatment is “simultaneously” meeting the following conditions to be “possible” faster and better:
First, the anatomy of the tooth is very simple.
Second, when the teeth are sick, they are just in the early stage, that is, a very serious condition, rather than being ill.
Third, you have good luck with your teeth. Just when the appointment of the dentist is cancelled and the space is vacated, it can help you deal with the teeth with simple anatomy in the early stage of illness.
Maybe you need good luck for the teeth that need root canal treatment, “simultaneously” meet the following conditions to be “possible” faster and cheaper: the anatomy of the tooth is very simple; and when the tooth is sick, it is just in the early stage, which is very bad A serious condition, not an illness.
If your anatomy is unfortunately complicated, then the faster and cheaper option seems to be beyond the soft and hard environmental limits and capabilities of some dentists.
In the unfortunate case, your tooth anatomy is very complicated or serious; the better and cheaper option is just luck.
When we are dealing with hair roots, intricate root canal systems. This root canal system is like an Internet-like dental pulp network, which is endlessly connected; there are branches in the branches, including broadband, fiber optics, and wireless Internet access. However, the network virus is like a virus that invades the dental pulp network. Once the infection spreads instantly, the entire network is severely paralyzed. The germs that invade the root canal network can cause discomfort and tingling pain in the patients, causing the gums to swell slightly, causing pustules, shaking the teeth, and even life-threatening infections.
You said, are there any ways to get these complicated networks done quickly?
Humans love naming, and they like to give special things special names. It is like in the field of endodontic treatment (endodontic treatment), there are the so-called C-type neural canals, the so-called MB2 (proximal buccal second nerve root canal), calcified root canals, curved root canals and so on.
Knowing these terms is not very helpful to the patient. All you need to know is that since these are so special, the complexity and difficulty must be very great. Is it possible to be fast, good, and cheap?
Split surgery-physicians also want to have
We only have one pair of eyes, one pair of hands, and one body. At the same time and space, we cannot be separated to assist the two patients.
To deal with these difficult root canal systems, often spends a lot of time and effort in order to obtain high-quality results, using expensive auxiliary tools. This is exactly the sympathy for the patient’s root canal disease, and I want to give the patient no regrets.

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