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Disposable Dental Handpiece

Dental dental high-speed turbine handpieces that are in close contact with the patient’s saliva, blood, gingival crevicular fluid, and dental plaque during dental diagnosis and treatment. The surface and internal turbine components and pipes of the handpiece may be affected by pathogenic microorganisms to varying degrees after use. Pollution, and in the process of dental diagnosis and treatment will generally cause mucous membranes and skin damage. Many bloody and infectious diseases are transmitted through contact with wounds of dental high-speed turbine handpieces without strict disinfection. Dental high-speed turbine handpieces are manufactured with high precision and complex structures. The turbine cavity, water channels, and other accessories in the head have complex cavities and difficult-to-reach pipes. These special structures are easy to cause during the suction process when the dental handpiece is stopped. Contaminated and difficult to thoroughly disinfect. Due to cumbersome disinfection procedures, high cost of disinfection, easy damage during disinfection, high price of traditional handpieces , and many patients with dental diseases, it is difficult for general dental clinics to achieve the national standard of “one person, one use, one disinfection or sterilization” .

“Tooth” disposable dental handpiece is one of the main components of the comprehensive dental treatment machine. It is a necessary tool for dentists and belongs to the second-class medical equipment. It has three core technologies and more than a dozen national patents. The production process of this piece is the same as the traditional non-single high-speed dental handpiece, and its performance is comparable to it. It replaces the traditional high-speed dental handpiece in oral clinics, and is suitable for oral clinics to clean teeth with dental caries and pulpitis. 2. Root apical inflammation is performed for open pulp drilling and preparation of abutment for those with missing teeth. The product meets the “special person-only” of dental handpiece for dental disease and “one person, one machine, one disinfection and sterilization” stipulated by the Ministry of Health. Keep patients with oral diseases away from iatrogenic cross-infection such as AIDS and hepatitis B, rest assured by looking at your teeth!


  1. Cheap and good quality

Compared with traditional high-speed turbine handpieces , it has a large price advantage, and various technical indicators have reached national standards and can be used safely.

II, doctors worry

It solves the problem of the difficulty of disinfection of handpieces  for oral clinical treatment and the problem of high disinfection and maintenance costs. The “one person (patient) and one machine” required by the health department has been achieved, which has increased the credibility of dental clinics.

III. Patients at ease

It is far from cross infection of infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and AIDS in clinical oral treatment.

  1. Leading technology

It is the first in China and has 3 invention patents and more than a dozen utility model patents.

VI, feel good

The overall design of the mobile phone is in accordance with ergonomics, and the appropriate angle between the head and the fuselage enables the physician to perform oral clinical treatments comfortably. The innovative design of the fuselage allows the physician to have a tight grip and a good sense of balance.

Product performance editing

  1. Air source pressure: 245-300KPa
  2. Speed: ≥300000r / min

3.Noise: ≤70dB

4.Gripping force: 20N-45N

  1. Radial circular runout: ≤0.06mm

6.Maximum torque≥1.1mN · m

Notes edit

  1. This product is a sterile product sterilized by cobalt 60 irradiation. The sterilization period is 2 years.
  2. This product is limited to one-time use, destroyed after use, repeated use is prohibited, packaging is damaged, and it is strictly prohibited to use.
  3. The maximum air pressure of this product should not exceed 300KPa.
  4. Please use standard burs when using this product. The diameter of the shank is 1.590-1.600mm.
  5. This product should be stored in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive room.
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