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Can Eat Fruit Also Cavity Tooth?

“Does your baby usually eat snacks? More than three times a day? This is a question that pediatricians often ask their parents. Some parents will say no, my children don’t eat snacks. Some parents will say that their children can’t stop eating. But there is a more worrying response from parents:

“He doesn’t eat sweets and snacks. We all give him natural fruits. ”

This kind of parents firmly believe in the “natural best” mood I know, but here, bud specially reminds us that eating too much fruit, not paying attention to oral cleaning, may also lead to tooth decay!

Fruit has sugar and cavities

Let’s review four factors of tooth decay: teeth, time, bacteria and food. The newborn has no teeth, so don’t worry about tooth decay. Some people are born not afraid of tooth decay bacteria and have no tooth decay problem. Some people eat all the time, so it’s easy to have tooth decay when their teeth are soaked in bacteria, etc.

And the relationship between fruit and tooth decay is that some fruits are very sweet, and its sugar may be used by bacteria, and then lead to tooth decay!

Some studies have pointed out that apples, oranges and bananas, compared with cornflakes and bread, can also cause tooth damage, and even sour fruits such as oranges and apples can cause additional tooth damage. The risk of tooth decay in 10-12-year-old children who often eat fruit is 1.52 times higher than that in children who don’t often eat fruit.

Juice, which is easy to add extra sugar, is not to mention. There are a lot of related researches, pointing out that in addition to the risk of tooth decay, drinking juice should also pay attention to the problem of excessive calorie intake and easy to cause obesity.

If you really want to let children drink fruit juice, it’s better to have 100% pure juice instead of only 5% or 10% fruit juice.

As long as you eat sweet fruit, you should be careful that it may lead to tooth decay. As long as you eat sour fruit, you should be careful of tooth erosion. What about sweet and sour fruits, such as pineapples, apples, oranges and grapes? You may have to be more careful, because cavities and etching can happen at the same time!

Measuring the benefits and disadvantages of fruit

There are both positive and negative opinions on one thing. Although eating fruit and drinking juice may cause tooth decay and risk, children who often drink 100% pure juice are more likely to achieve the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables than those who do not.

Fruit is rich in vitamin C, folate, potassium and other nutrients, which can help children grow up.

Follow the dinner and reduce the number of times

Back to the beginning, the factor of tooth decay is not only food, but also food that is easy to decay. How to eat it? When to eat is also very important.

Research by more than 3000 people in the UK has found that if fruit is eaten with a meal rather than waiting for a snack, the risk of tooth erosion is low.

The American Academy of child dentistry then recommends that you don’t snack more than three times a day in addition to meals, otherwise you are at high risk of cavities. To eat snack fruit, it is recommended to focus on and set a snack time for children to focus on.

Parents can weigh what kind of fruit food you are convenient for your children to eat and when you are convenient for them to eat? And when is it convenient to clean his mouth? I believe that after reading this article, you can get the most suitable answer for your children.


  1. Fruit also contains sugar. Although it is natural, it can still cause tooth decay.
  2. Besides cavities, juice should worry about obesity. It is recommended to drink 100% fruit juice.
  3. Fruit and juice are rich in vitamin, which is helpful for children’s growth.
  4. In addition to eating or not, when and how to eat will also have an impact.
  5. Pay attention to the problem that the acidity of fruit has acid erosion and directly damages the teeth
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