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Are There Any Bad Effects to Tooth Whitening?

If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, rest assured that it is a very safe process at a regular dental facility. However, just like the products we use, any medical product should strictly list the side effects.

Most people who use tooth whitening products have few or no side effects and they are happy with the results. However, some people may experience one or more side effects related to tooth whitening:

Sensitive teeth

You may notice that your teeth are sensitive during and for a short time after whitening. This is due to the dentin layer being exposed during the whitening process. If you have symptoms of sensitive teeth, consult your dentist before whitening to see which whitening teeth are right for your situation. Your dentist can also give you some brand of whitening products that can help you reduce the increased sensitivity during the whitening process.

Soft tissue stimulation

If the whitening gel is exposed to gum tissue during whitening, soft tissue may be irritated. When soft tissues are irritated, the gums usually appear white immediately after contact with whitening products, especially if you have been exposed to a professional office whitening product. Generally, after exposure to chemicals in whitening products, the gum tissue can quickly return to normal, but many patients will feel panic when they see their gums after being exposed to high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or urea peroxide. Prolonged exposure to a solution of tooth whitening gel or gum tissue may also cause inflammation and redness in areas affected by the whitening solution. In the extreme case of soft tissue stimulated by whitening fluid, bleeding and pain may occur in the gum tissue.

Unwelcome results

Depending on the initial color of your teeth, the effect of whitening your teeth may not be what you want. If you have severe tooth staining or discoloration inside the teeth, you may not notice a change in color after the teeth have turned white. If you regularly whiten your teeth, you may notice that your teeth start to turn gray or translucent, instead of the milky white that everyone wants to see after whitening their teeth. In addition, if you have crowns, veneers or fillers, the whitening effect is not good.

Go to the dentist before deciding to turn white

So before you decide to whiten your teeth, it’s best to consult your dentist. A professional dentist will evaluate your teeth to see if you are suitable for whitening surgery and whether they will affect your tooth discoloration. From there, you can choose between professional office whitening, professional take-home whitening, or over-the-counter tooth whitening….

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